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This article covers a real-world subject which should not be taken as part of the Holby universe.

Episode 1116 of Casualty is the 24th episode of the show's 33rd series. The episode was directed by James Bryce and written by Chris Murray. This episode marks the final appearance of Louise Tyler, portrayed by Azuka Oforka, after over six years on the show.

This episode also marks the second appearance of Kim Harrison, portrayed by Siân Reeves, who was last seen nearly two years prior in the series 31 episode "Binge Britain". The events of this episode take place directly after the previous, which took place in-universe on 16 February.


Louise is shocked to find Connie battered and beaten outside the ED. When Connie is taken inside, the news of her attack shakes the entire department. Louise organises to allow Lilley Maxwell to say goodbye to her father but becomes suspicious when he notices blood on one of her shoes. In reception, she asks Noel Garcia to prevent Lilley from leaving the building and to have the nurses hand in their body cameras to help identify Connie's attacker.

Later, when Louise confronts Lilley and accuses her of assaulting Connie, Lilley takes offence and threatens legal action. However, Noel finds footage on one of the body cameras that proves Lilley's innocence, prompting Louise to apologise. In resus, she praises Marty and Jade for working together to go the extra mile for a dying patient with COPD and tells them that they don't need her help anymore. After bidding farewell to Ernest and making amends with Lilley, she hands Charlie her resignation, claiming that her job doesn't provide her with security, and leaves the department.

Meanwhile, Iain goes to a counselling session but walks out when he struggles to talk about his feelings. At work, he and Ruby Spark are dispatched to St. Simon's House to tend to a man who is suffering an allergic reaction after wilfully consuming blue cheese. As he leaves, he notices his mother Kim looking down from her room. On his break, he returns to open up to his mother about his terrible year. Unfortunately, Kim is still angry at him for leaving her and Gem and tells him that she doesn't love him. Upset, Iain walks away.

Back at the ED, Connie struggles to remember the assault and repeatedly tries to talk to the police. Later, they inform her that they suspect that it was a random attack. Dylan reminds her that there is a chance that her attacker may never be identified; she claims that she is content with the prospect. When she is discharged, feeling vulnerable, she shuts herself in her office.


The episode was produced by Jayne Chard.


Filming of the episode took place in October 2018.[1]