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This article covers a real-world subject which should not be taken as part of the Holby universe.

Episode 1122 of Casualty is the 30th episode of the show's 33rd series. The episode was directed by Kate Saxon and written by Kim Millar.


After Charlie continues to reprimand Jade for making minor mistakes, David confronts him about his unfair treatment of her and questions his decision to keep Duffy in admin despite the department being short-staffed. Charlie snaps at him, but David tells him that he has already asked Duffy to help out in cubicles. Connie calls Charlie into her office to inform him that the trust is incurring substantial fines for mismanagement, prompting Charlie to go off on a tirade.

In the staff room, Jade tells David that she hasn't been given her nursing registration due to the fact that she stole a car when she was 16, and she needs three referees to overturn the decision. He agrees to be one of her referees and promises to talk to Charlie about it. However, when he discusses it with Charlie, he dismisses it and puts it on the back-burner. Later, David asks him again, but, irritated, Charlie says he will deal with it and goes to the staff room. A delighted Jade tells David that she has received three references, but she tells him that Dylan made a reference instead of Charlie. David confronts Charlie and asks him if there is something wrong with Duffy. Irate, Charlie begins to push David until he retaliates and shoves him to the floor. The rest of the staff notice and go in to help Charlie, believing that David instigated the fight.

Iain returns to the ambulance station for the first time since the night of his suicide attempt for an assessment to see if he is fit to return to work. He insists to Jan that he is coping, but Gem begs to differ. Afterwards, Jan tells Iain that he needs to see a therapist and, while he is not ready to go back out on the ambulances, he will spend the next few weeks working at control. He reluctantly accepts.

Meanwhile, Rash receives his and Gem's passports, but he decides not to tell her as she decides to prioritise looking after Iain. Later, after helping Dylan treat a patient with a tapeworm infection, he decides to apply for the F2 position. Elsewhere, Dani turns up at the ED so Ruby could teach her first-aid, and she secretly installs tracking software onto her phone. That afternoon, Ruby is surprised when Dani returns with her hairstyle.