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Episode 1144 of Casualty is the sixth episode of the show's 34th series. It was directed by Paul Riordan and written by Mark Catley and Julie Dixon.


At home, Ollie has an outburst after David suggests that he is cheating in a game of Scrabble. On his birthday, Ceri Brown surprises her partner Nick with an electric scooter ride through a park. Realising that Ollie is troubled, David suggests that he call in to work sick and spend the day with him, but Ollie has asked Rosa to come over instead. After Ashok nearly sets fire to the house while making a snack, Rash assures Ashok that he will get the CT1 position at Holby City and will not leave him.

Outside the ambulance station, Ruby and Jan find a man roughing another up. After the other runs away, the man introduces himself as Lev Malinovsky, the new paramedic, and reveals that he was stopping the thug from dumping a litter of kittens into a bin. At the ED, Ethan suggests that Rash take some leave to grieve properly for his mother, but Rash declines and apologises for his mistake. At the park, Ceri is disappointed when Nick does not catch on to an exhibit she has created telling him that she is pregnant and ends up crashing into Rosa who is on a walk with Ollie. After an intense workout at a gym, Joe Fields is exhausted and collapses. While in the ambulance, Nick is not overly enthusiastic about Ceri's news and begins complaining of chest pains.

Mason treats Joe in cubicles and suspects that he has had an arrythmia due to over-exertion. David and Ollie continue to argue while the former tries to treat Rosa, and Ollie tells David that Rosa's landlord is forcing her to move out of her flat. Rash notices calluses on Joe's knuckles, but Joe claims that they were caused by boxing training. Rash approaches Ethan about the CT1 post; Ethan promises to write an honest reference but asks for "a bit more front foot" from Rash. Meanwhile, Ceri looks forward to parenthood with Nick, but Nick is harbouring a secret. In the toilets, after giving Mason the slip, Joe coughs up blood. Outside the hosptial, Ollie confides in Rosa and fears that he is bipolar like his father and asks her to tell David how he feels.

After Ceri confronts Nick after discovering that Nick has lied about living on his own, Nick asserts that he does not want to be a father. Nick soon finds Ceri at his house and introduces her to his wife Emma who had suffered a catastrophic stroke a decade prior. Nick tries to explain himself, but he collapses due to his leg becoming ischaemic. When Joe continues to retch, Rash is forced to take over from a puzzled Mason and asks Joe if he has been making himself throw up. Joe objects to the question and tries to leave but ends up vomiting blood. Ethan is impressed when Rash rushes Joe to resus and swiftly takes control. Nick is rushed into the department and warned that he could potentially lose his leg because of the blood clot. Nick tells Ceri that he wants to be with her, but he also cannot abandon Emma in the state she is in.

After Rosa gives both David and Ollie a reality check, Ollie admits that he just misses having a united family, and David suggests that they "treasure what [they've] got". Knowing that she is good with Ollie, David gives Rosa a key to their house. Joe explains that his eating habits worsened when his wife left him, and Rash suggests treating his recovery as a substitute for training. Mason recommends that Joe inform the school he heads to teach his pupils that "winning isn't always what matters", but he takes umbrage when Ethan praises Rash for his intuition. Before being taken to surgery, Nick assures Ceri that he loves her and that he would be happy about the baby if not for the baggage surrounding it. Mason accuses Rash of "dropping [him] in it", but Rash contends that he was only looking out for his patient. Rosa and Ollie call David over to the ambulance station to present him with one of the kittens Lev saved as a gift. David allows Ollie to keep the kitten and decides to call him Frimp — a word Ollie made up during their game of Scrabble.



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