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Episode 1146 of Casualty is the eighth episode of the show's 34th series. It was directed by Matt Hilton and written by Colin Bytheway.


After accidentally dropping her phone close to the edge of a cliff, Jessie Palmerston goes to retrieve it but accidentally slips. Jessie clings onto the edge and calls for her father Daryl's help, but he begins to have flashbacks and freezes. At the ED, Effie invites Ethan out for a day out on a boat with her friends, and Ethan eventually agrees. However, Theo has followed Effie to the hospital and fears that Effie is beginning to see Ethan as "some kind of medical saviour". When the paramedics arrive at the cliff, Daryl faints and hits his head. While driving in her car, Duffy panicks after passing the same place multiple times and realises that she has forgotten how to turn right. Ethan attempts to skive, but Dylan is unconvinced by his claims of sickness and forces him to stay.

After Daryl and Jessie are taken to the ED, a video of their incident goes viral online, and viewers start to identify Daryl as Marcus Hopewood, a man who, as a child, murdered a young girl named Lily Hammond. Charlie takes Duffy into the department, and Archie suspects that Duffy has had another TIA. In cubicles, Will treats a woman named Lorna who has caught her hand in her car door outside the department and begins to suspect that suspect that she has deliberately injured herself. Meanwhile, Vincent Millbank bombards the hospital with emails demanding to see CCTV footage from the day his car was vandalised. Archie confides in Will about her fears of getting caught; as recompense for not supporting during the Connie Beauchamp situation, Will volunteers to convince a member of security named Manisha who fancies him to get rid of the footage, but he soon finds out that Manisha is away. Ethan calls Effie after failing to join her on the boat and is invited to her house that evening.

Archie and Duffy try to help Lorna, but she refuses to talk and declares that it is "time for action"; Duffy soon realises that Lorna is Lily Hammond's mother. Initially shocked and angry at the revelation about her father, Jessie eventually decides to stay by Daryl's side, but Lorna confronts Daryl with a knife. Jessie tries to convince Lorna that her father has changed, but Lorna holds her at knifepoint and prepares to kill her. Duffy urges Lorna to not put Jessie's mother through the pain she has been through and convinces her to release Jessie. After remembering that Lily was not his only victim, Daryl decides to refuse surgery and leaves Jessie's life for her sake. After talking to Duffy, Lorna decides to "move forward" from Lily's death and thanks Duffy, telling her that she will never forget her.

Archie is relieved to learn that the footage of Vincent's car being vandalised has disappeared, but Will is forced to endure helping Manisha's cover Leon with his massage course. On David's suggestion, Dylan approaches Duffy about taking up a voluntary role in the department, and Duffy gladly accepts. In the evening, Ethan joins Effie for supper at her house, but Theo returns home as the two are about to kiss. Ethan tries to reassure Theo that there is nothing going on between him and Effie, but Theo threatens to "ruin" him if he does not stay away from her.



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