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Episode 1146 of Casualty is the eighth episode of series 34 of the show. It was directed by Matt Hilton and written by Colin Bytheway.


Effie surprises Ethan at work and persuades him to take the day off so they can have an adventure together. But their plans are thwarted when Ethan gets caught up with a complicated patient, leaving Effie feeling rejected.

Duffy is dealt another blow when her ability to drive is questioned and she's brought into the ED again. Needing someone to talk to, Duffy befriends an agitated patient, Lorna, whom she ends up helping through a difficult time.

Archie is shaken to hear that Vincent Millbank keeps calling the ED, demanding CCTV footage from the day his car was vandalised. Realising that Archie is the culprit, Will confronts her, but also agrees to help, assuring her that he'll handle it.



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