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This article covers a real-world subject which should not be taken as part of the Holby universe.

Episode 1147 of Casualty is the ninth episode of the show's 34th series. It was directed by Steve Hughes and written by Sumerah Srivastav and Colin Bytheway.


Having grown increasingly paranoid since the day of the acid attack, Vincent begins installing security cameras onto his house. However, when his grandson Joshua visits, Vincent receives an electric shock and falls onto Joshua, causing a screwdriver to become embedded in his leg. When the paramedics arrive and tells him that he is being taken to Holby City Hospital, he objects and claims that he does not feel safe there. Archie is shaken when Vincent arrives at the hospital, but Will immediately takes over his treatment.

Rash approaches Mason, believing that Mason had told Ethan about the mistake regarding the D-dimer test, but he is horrified when Mason admits that he is happy to get away with it. At a fertility ceremony, Leena Minhas faints and hits her head on a concrete slab. Rash tries to tell Ethan about Mason's mistake, but Ethan is called away by Theo. Feeling sorry for Vincent after hearing about his paranoia, Archie considers coming clean to him about her involvement in the vandalism, but Will urges her not to. Theo demands to know which test group Effie is in and threatens to report Ethan for professional misconduct. Ethan refuses to be blackmailed but agrees when Theo makes an emotional plea.

After Leena is taken into the ED and moved to resus, her mother Rupal believes that Leena is pregnant, but Leena insists that she is not; a HCG test vindicates Leena. Ethan asks Juliet Chen, the cystic fibrosis specialist running the trial, which test group Effie is in, and Juliet states that the tests are double-blinded. Realising what is going on, she admonishes Ethan for his "unethical" behaviour and urges him to "stop it". After Vincent is moved to a cubicle, he is spooked and leaves his bed. Meanwhile, Leena grows increasingly frustrated with Rupal speculating about her alleged infertility and reveals that her husband Arjun is the one who is infertile. When Mason shows Rash an X-ray from one of Leena's previous admissions, Rash realises that Mason made the same mistake with Hailey Dougan and castigates him for his duplicity.

Archie finds Vincent, who is convinced that his past pupils have banded together to get revenge, on the emergency staircase and confesses to vandalising his car. Vincent realises that he is experiencing the feelings of fear Seb and Michael had felt because of his treatment of them. Despite their differences, Rash and Mason look through Leena's medical history and deduce that she has Ménière's disease, but Rash still does not trust him. Vincent collapses on the staircase and is rushed into resus; the team manage to stabilise him. Outside, Ethan tells Theo that Effie is in the active test group; Theo is relieved and thanks him. After Archie tells him about her confession, Will promises to stand by her, but Archie contends that she needs to face up to her actions. Archie informs Vincent that she is going to tender her resignation and tries to apologise to Vincent, but Joshua interrupts and berates Archie for allowing Vincent to go missing. Overwhelmed, Archie sobs in the toilets.

Rash and Mason discharge Leena, but Leena refuses to go home to Arjun and claims that he does not love her. Despite Rupal's protests, Leena is unwavering, leading to Rupal branding her as a "fool". Mortified by how Joshua spoke to Archie, Vincent tells Archie that he is not going to involve the police and pledges to "do better by the boy". After Mason employs some reverse psychology, Rupal decides to allow Leena to stay at her house and support her through her divorce. After Mason allows Rash to share credit when Ethan praises their treatment of Leena, Rash gives Mason one final chance, and Mason returns his bike. Will approaches Ethan after spotting Theo in the department earlier that day and warns Ethan to be careful with Effie; Ethan proclaims that his involvement with Effie is over and declines her call.



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