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Episode 1148 of Casualty is the 10th episode of the show's 34th series. It was directed by Laura Smith and written by Pete Lawson.


Rosa is bothered when she receives a letter and dismisses Ollie, frustrating him. Charlie arrives at the ED with Duffy who is set to begin volunteering. After Rash nearly crashes his bike into him, and Dylan presses him into carrying out administrative duties, a short-tempered Ethan snaps and brushes off Rash's reminder that he needs to attend a meeting with his educational supervisor. When Rosa follows Ollie after he storms away, David is surprised to find a letter from Rosa's mother Xiomara referencing him and Rosa as a couple. Elsewhere in Holby, Mickey Pratchett refuses to marry his partner Ade until "everything is perfect" and instructs him to knock down on their house's walls to expand a room. However, Mickey does not see why they have to keep delaying their wedding and questions Ade over the amount of time he is spending in Mexico.

In cubicles, Rash is devastated when he overhears Jade and Marty discussing Gem's new boyfriend and becomes increasingly frustrated when Ashok calls him and claims to have lost Madia's death certificate. Meanwhile, a furious Ade continues to demolish the wall, but the ceiling collapses when he knocks down a support beam. Rosa explains to David that, as Xiomara does not want her being on her own, she told her that she has a boyfriend who happens to be called David, and Xiomara is planning to meet him. They are interrupted when the paramedics who have brought in Mel Tyler, Ollie's judo instructor, who has dislocated her arm while trying to calm Ollie down. After Ade is freed from the debris, he is taken into resus; Rash is forced to treat Ade and miss his meeting. Rosa continues to fret over her mother's imminent arrival and takes umbrage when David unintentionally patronises her. Privately, Rosa opens up to David about the death of her eight-year-old son and the severe depression she experienced afterwards.

In resus, Ade believes that Mickey does not think he is "perfect" for him, but he is quickly distracted by a searing pain in his leg. Robyn voices her concerns to Charlie about Duffy appearing exhausted, but Charlie maintains that she is fine and needs to continue doing what she loves. Dylan assesses Ade's leg; he rules out compartment syndrome and suspects that the pain and swelling is related to the fracture. In cubicles, Mel reveals that Ollie threw her in a fit of anger. Mickey is hurt when Ade asks if he has been having an affair and leaves him with his engagement ring, but Mickey soon begins retching and experiencing chest pains. Charlie finds Duffy sleeping in the relatives room, and Duffy asks him to call her a taxi.

Rash is astounded when Ethan does not show any sympathy for him missing his meeting or having to deal with his domestic struggles. Mickey returns from his X-ray and begins coughing up blood; Rash suspects that he has a pulmonary embolism. Outside, Ollie tells Rosa that he is really worried that he is bipolar, but David overhears. Rosa tells David about Ollie's fears, but David castigates Rosa for not telling him sooner. After Rosa leaves them alone, David tells Ollie that anger is not necessarily indicative of bipolar, but assuures him that, if Ollie turns out to be bipolar, they will deal with it together. After Mickey's condition rapidly deteriorates, the team are close to pronouncing him dead, but Mason manages to detect an output. In his office, Charlie confides in Robyn and claims that the NHS is letting Duffy down. Ethan confronts Rash over Mickey's missed PE. Rash stands by his decisions and maligns Ethan for not being present and not allowing him to attend his meeting, but Ethan claims that Rash is becoming a liability and warns him that he will not sign him off for the CT1 placement if he finds him to have been negligent. Robyn approaches Charlie about a private dementia clinic, but Charlie claims that he could never afford it.

Ollie apologises to Mel for the incident, and Mel announces that she is leaving teaching to set up a dog-walking business. Robyn offers Charlie money that she has saved; Charlie initially refuses, but he quickly changes his mind. Feeling that David is furious at her, Rosa decides to move out and tells David that what she feels about him and Ollie is "real". David pursues Rosa and, with Ollie, informs her that Ollie is moving in with them full-time and volunteers to pretend to be her boyfriend when Xiomara visits. After finding out that Mickey has a gastric band, Ade realises that Mickie is still insecure following his last abusive relationship and reassures Mickie that he is "perfect". After Ethan catches Rash talking to Mason outside cubicles, Rash defends himself and pulls Ethan up on him offloading his work and Mason onto him. When Ethan tells Rash that he needs to move on from his grief, Rash punches him in the face.



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