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Episode 1149 of Casualty is the 11th episode of the show's 34th series. It was directed by Eric Styles and written by Gerard Sampaio.


Effie is saddened when Ethan continues to ignore her messages and collapses while attending a meeting with Juliet Chen. In the ED, Nigel Armstrong is pleasantly surprised to find that Jade, whose case he worked on while she was in foster case, is working there as a nurse. Ethan treats Effie when she is moved to the ED; Juliet is confident that her symptoms are not a side effect of the trial drug. Theo feels that having Ethan treat her is "inappropriate", but Ethan argues that he knows Effie's case better than anyone else. Elsewhere, Danny McClair visits his father Raymond but hears him calling for help. Danny breaks into the house and finds Raymond on the kitchen floor.

When Effie wakes up, Theo is furious to learn that Ethan omitted her haemoptysis from her medical notes to improve her eligiblity for the trial and demands that Ethan inform Juliet. However, another patient from the trial named Natalie is admitted with similar symptoms to Effie. After Raymond's daughter Kate insists on calling for an ambulance, Danny confronts her for allowing Raymond's compulsive hoarding to worsen, but Kate accuses him of not being present. Theo becomes convinced that the drug is responsible for Effie's symptoms, but Ethan admits that he lied to him about knowing that Effie is in the active group. Marty is curious about Jade's connection to Nigel, and Jade reluctantly explains that Nigel was her case worker while she was in foster care. When a third trial patient is admitted, Ethan asks Juliet to unblind the trial and questions her competency, but Juliet is unwavering. In the staff room, Jade tells Marty that she is not meeting up with Nigel because she does not want to know about her past.

Ethan tells Effie that he is trying to do the right thing, but Effie questions who he is doing for and suggests that he is "running away" when Theo returns. Theo blames Ethan for Effie's worsening condition, but Ethan asserts that Effie only agreed to apply for the trial to appease him. After a conversation with Robyn, Jade decides to meet up with Nigel. Meanwhile, Effie assures her father that she decided to participate in the trial for her own sake. Juliet informs Ethan that now four out of the six trial patients have been admitted with similar symptons, so the drug is definitely not the cause. Archie deduces that Raymond's falls have been caused by cellulitis in his leg, but Raymond refuses to be treated. Kate objects to Danny's suggestion of "gutting" Raymond's house and takes offence when he claims to have no happy memories of living there. Danny follows Kate back to her flat and is horrified to discover she is a hoarder too.

Outside the department, Nigel agrees to have Jade's case notes sent to her, but Jade is heartbroken when Nigel tacitly admits that her mother gave her up because of her deafness. After realising that the connection between the trial patients is the clinic itself, Juliet is informed that the air conditioning unit at the clinic had failed, and the patients contracted Legionnaires' disease. Marty tries to encourage Jade to look further into who her mother is, but Jade asserts that she knows "enough". Kate returns to the block of flats with her son Stevie to find Danny waiting. He tells that he knows what she has been doing and urges her to let him in the flat. After Ethan tells Effie that he will not be seeing her again after she recovers, she begins coughing up blood. Effie is rushed into resus; Ethan freezes and admits that Effie has had haemoptysis before. Enraged by Ethan's actions, Theo orders him to stay away from Effie. In the flat, Danny insists on helping Kate and Stevie and urges Kate to get rid of the clutter, but Danny trips and has his bowel eviscerated by the jagged corner of a box. When Effie's condition continues to deteriorate, Dylan employs a cystic fibrosis—specific therapy that he learned in ITU and manages to shift some of the mucus. Danny is taken into resus, and Archie and Jade manage to stop a bleed before he is taken to theatre.

After Raymond allows Archie to run tests for a headache he has been suffering from for a while, Archie informs him and Kate that he has toxoplasmosis which has lead to a brain abscess and may explain his change in personality. Nigel gives Jade her file and explains that it contains a card from her mother; she reluctantly decides to take it. On the wards, Kate explains to Danny that she failed to control her hoarding impulses after Stevie's father left. Archie visits them and informs Kate that a child welfare form has been submitted by the paramedics. Kate fears that she will lose Stevie, but Danny tells her that the only good memories he had of Raymond's house are ones involving her and promises to take care of her, Raymond and Stevie. Juliet informs Ethan that, because of Effie's haemoptysis, she will have to terminate the trial and potentially squandor years of work. Dylan confronts Ethan about the lack of a mention of Effie's previous haemoptysis on her notes, and he correctly predicts that Ethan does not give an answer.

In her car, Jade opens her file and breaks down when she reads the card; Marty finds her and takes her mind off it with the invitation of ice cream and wine. Ethan visits Effie and apologises for his actions, but Effie maintains that she knew what she was doing and laments the fact that her condition will continue to worsen. Ethan claims to empathise, but Effie tries to rebuke him, prompting him to reveal to her that he has Huntington's disease. With the two now on common ground, their bond strengthens.


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