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This article covers a real-world subject which should not be taken as part of the Holby universe.

Episode 1151 of Casualty is the 13th episode of the show's 34th series. It was directed by David Innes Edwards and written by Kim Millar, Johanne McAndrew and Elliot Hope.


Following Ethan's parting of ways with Effie, Will suggests that he take some leave and do something for himself. Ruby and Lev treat a drunken man named Johnny who claims to have been hit by a car, but Lev is sceptical. Rosa's mother Xiomara arrives at the ED. In the ambulance, Johnny begins touching Ruby, prompting Lev to throw him out. Lev restrains Johnny as he attempts to attack him with a vodka bottle and unintentionally unzips his jacket, revealing a Nevidimyye tattoo; Johnny immediately backs away. At the ED, Ethan treats a girl named Abigail who has a venereal infection and asks about calling her father, but she claims that he is dead. Back at the ambulance station, Ruby asks Lev about the tattoo, but he dismisses it as "ancient history". After attending a football match, Ron Davies allows his grandson Freddy to visit his father Johnny — the man Ruby and Lev treated. Lev explains to Ruby that he was a member of Nevidimyye, a gang that committed many acts of organised violence, but insists that he is a changed man.

After Ethan diagnoses Abigail with genital herpes, he is taken aback when she mentions having a cat named Tallulah. Meanwhile, Xiomara tells David that she wants Rosa to be happy and is keen to know if the two of them will get married. Ron takes Freddy to see Johnny, but he immediately begins to regret his decision when their fellow City supporters start feuding with the United supporters. After researching Nevidimyye, Ruby informs Jan that she will not be working with Lev anymore and threatens to request a transfer. When Abigail's condition starts to worsen, she tells Ethan that her father was killed saving others in the Holby Market attack. Johnny claims that he wants to see Freddy, but Ron castigates him for spending Freddy's child support money on alcohol and tells him he can "forget it". Johnny shoves Ron to the ground, and Freddy calls for an ambulance. Lev approaches Ruby after he is assigned a new partner and insists that he was forced into joining Nevidimyye by his murderous brother.

While reviewing Abigail's records, Ethan is shaken when he discovers that she is Big Al's daughter and is compelled to tell her about what happened on the day of the terror attack, but Will tells him that he is still traumatised and urges him to "step back" and take some leave. In resus, Ethan informs Abigail that she may have peritonitis as a result of her IUD perforating her uterus and will need surgery to have the IUD removed. Abigail asks Ethan if he knew her father, and Ethan claims that Al saved his life during the attack. At the scene of the clash, Ron's condition deteriorates, prompting Lev to suggest that he and Ruby split teams and take Ron to the hospital together; Ruby agrees. In the relatives room, Xiomara tells David in confidence that she has a heart condition and urges David to always stand by Rosa; David agrees and swears not to tell anyone about her condition. Xiomara claims that both David and Ollie have given her and Rosa hope and gives him her wedding ring so he can give to Rosa "when the time comes". After Ron is taken into the ED, Johnny thanks Lev and Ruby, but Lev turns down his expression of gratitude and tells him that his life of violence and intoxication does not make him a man.

As Abigail prepares to be taken to surgery, she asks Ethan what his plan is to deal with Al's death; Ethan is not sure. Meanwhile, Ruby's opinion on Lev begins to change when she finds him looking after Freddy. To Rosa's surprise, David approaches her about getting married; she is flattered, but she does not want to get in the way when David eventually wants to marry someone he truly loves. Johnny tries to tell Freddy that he is going to take care of him and Ron, but Freddy is unconvinced. When Johnny begins fighting with the United supporters again, Freddy is disgusted and asks Lev to take him to be with Ron. Ethan begins looking at voluntary medical roles abroad and decides to go to Costa Rica. While visiting Ron, Freddy tells him that he wants to cut all contact with his father. David shepherds Rosa into the relatives room and, with Xiomara in view, proposes to her. Rosa agrees to marry him "for practical reasons". After Ruby tells Jan that she is happy to work with Lev again, she refuses to accept his offer a drink and maintains that they are just colleagues.


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