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Episode 1152 of Casualty is the 14th episode of the show's 34th series. It was directed by David Innes Edwards and written by Isla Gray.


At home, Duffy spots a cat outside and believes that it is her and Charlie's cat Jinny, but Charlie cannot see her. Xiomara is keen to Rosa and David's colleagues, but they have yet to tell them about the wedding. In cubicles, Jacob treats a frequent flyer named CJ who has been involved in a fight. CJ insists that he cannot return to his foster home and asks for a social worker named Debbie. While Ambi Busnal, a female boxer, trains in preparation for a match, she begins to experience stomach pains. Jacob tells Debbie that CJ wants to see her, but she claims that she cannot. Meanwhile, despite her stomach pains, Ambi contends that she can still fight. Charlie tries to tell Duffy that Jinny died several years prior, but he eventually decides to play along.

While Xiomara looks for a suitable venue for Rosa and David's wedding, she repeatedly drops hints to their colleagues, and Jade and Noel quickly catch on. Duffy decides to put food out for Jinny, but Charlie stops her and gently suggests that she is hallucinating. Duffy begins to realise what is happening and panicks. When the social worker for CJ is delayed, he runs away. David approaches Rosa about having their wedding in a Catholic chapel to appease Xiomara, but Rosa is confused when David references Xiomara's "rude health"; David promptly tells her about her mother's condition. While treating Ambi with Rash, Mason suggests that they order a CT scan for Ambi's abdomen, but Rash claims that they would be overordering tests.

On a bridge, CJ is cornered by a gang and attacked with a knife. After Duffy is brought into the ED, Archie asks Charlie if they are coping at home; Charlie insists that they are fine. Mason tells Rash that he has noticed dark spots around Ambi's mouth, but they quickly find that she has left. Mason investigates her symptoms and deduces that she has Peutz–Jeghers syndrome. CJ is rushed into resus with stab wounds, and Debbie, who has been secretly drinking vodka in her office, regrets not seeing him when he asked. Realising that Ambi has left to fight in the match, Jade manages to track down a live stream of the event. She and Rash are mortified when they watch Ambi collapse as a result of her condition but are immediately surprised when they see Mason tending to Ambi in the ring.

Rosa approaches Xiomara about her health, but she quickly discerns that there is nothing wrong with her. Xiomara asserts that her lie has inspired David and claims that it is obvious that Rosa is in love with him. After finding Debbie in pain in the staff room, Charlie takes her to cubicles for treatment and informs Will that she has been drinking. Ambi is taken to the ED, where tests confirm Mason and Rash's diagnosis. Archie informs Charlie and Duffy that Duffy has a urinary tract infection but assures them that neither of them are at fault for it developing. Rash confronts Mason over his lack of teamwork, but Ethan praises Mason's decision and diagnostic skills, further exasperating Rash. Realising that Duffy is not coping, Charlie volunteers to be her carer, but Duffy wants him to be her husband and to remember her as how she was. After Ambi's brother Shah and her trainer Frank argue over her boxing career, Rash assures her that her condition is manageable and encourages to continue doing what she enjoys regardless of what others say. Will informs Debbie that she likely had early-stage alcoholic hepatitis and compels her to stop drinking before it kills her. She confides in Charlie about her struggles, and Charlie urges her to focus more on self-care; Debbie asks if he practises what he preaches.

Rosa decides to play along with Xiomara's lie and suggests to David that they break the news about their engagement to their colleagues. Rosa and David publicly announce their engagement, but, thanks to Xiomara, their colleagues are already well aware. Shah admits to Ambi that he was trying to stop her from boxing out of jealousy, but Ambi asks him to be her trainer. In the staff room, Rash and Mason come to an understanding, but Rash turns down Mason's offer of a meal together. Duffy tells Charlie that she wants both of them to keep their independence, prompting Charlie to suggest trialling a home care package; Duffy agrees.


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