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Episode 1153 of Casualty is the 15th episode of the show's 34th series. It was directed by Piotr Szkopiak and written by Mark Catley and Colin Bytheway.


As Duffy's dementia continues to worsen, Charlie struggles with affording long-term care for her and helping her grow accustomed to the presence of her new carer Sian. At work, Charlie manages to maintain his usual warm demeanour, but Sian is forced to leave Duffy at the ED to pick up her child from school. At home, Duffy accuses Charlie of having an affair with Sian and becomes physically confrontational when another carer arrives.

With his patience snapped, Charlie cruelly refuses to look for a night hostal for a homeless addict named Garth and tells him to sleep on one of the benches outside the ED. Robyn confronts Charlie for leaving the ED while it is swamped with patients and continues to castigate him over Charlotte's disappearance. Emotionally overwhelmed, seeing that his words have caused Garth to relapse renders Charlie catatonic. After Charlie snaps back to reality, he opens up to Robyn about Duffy's decline. Robyn reassures him that he is coping and, to Charlie's delight, convinces their colleagues to help out with taking care of Duffy.

Dylan is unimpressed by Mason's conduct in resus after he lies about having fitted a chest drain before and seconds him to cubicles. There, Mason treats a man named Mark whose wife Gina has been sleeping with her golf instructer Paul who has also been admitted to the ED with stomach pains. Mason quickly deduces that Mark has been tampering with Paul's coffee to make him ill and bluffs Mark into an admission. Dylan praises Mason's diagnostic skills, but Rash is aware that it was only a guess. Meanwhile, Archie helps out a hungover Will by saving him from a shift working with Dylan. She is concerned about his ability to perform a cardioversion in his condition, but he ultimately succeeds.



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