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Episode 1154 of Casualty is the 16th episode of the show's 34th series. It was directed by Piotr Szkopiak and written by Hilary Frankland.


Ruby is delighted when she receives a visit from her sister Violette and discovers that she is pregnant, but Ruby offends Violette when she suggests that her sister only wants money from her. After being called to a rehab clinic, Ruby finds Violette in labour. In the ambulance, Ruby is forced to deliver the baby, and Violette gives birth to a girl named Harmony. However, after Ruby notices some abnormal symptoms in Harmony, she quickly deduces that Violette is in heroin withdrawal. Despite Violette's insistence that she is clean, Ruby refuses to believe her and tells Violette that Harmony would be better off without her. Feeling responsible for Harmony's illness, Violette leaves. After it transpires that Harmony has sepsis, Ruby regrets her harsh treatment of her sister and promises Harmony that she will find Violette.

On the day of his and Rosa's wedding, David is called into work to help out in an overstretched ED. Rosa feels guilty about lying to him about Xiomara's health and tries to tell David the truth, but Xiomara gets to him first and ends up aggravating him. David soon comes to realise how much Rosa means to him, but Rosa believes the situation is unsalvageable and cancels the wedding. Despite this, with help from Ollie, Xiomara uncancels the wedding and forces Rosa into a room with David. After the two admit that they have developed feelings for each other, David and Rosa rush to their wedding but find that all of their friends have left. Nevertheless, the two get married and celebrate "La Hora Loca" at The Hope & Anchor with their colleagues.

At home, Charlie prepares for an early Christmas with Duffy, but she believes that Paul is visiting and that she is going out on a date with Bill Crowthers. Furthermore, while eating dinner, Duffy coldly tells Charlie that she would not go out with him if he were the last man alive and asserts he is "nothing next to Bill". During the evening, Robyn pays a visit and gives Duffy a photo album; both Charlie and Duffy are overjoyed.


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