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This article covers a real-world subject which should not be taken as part of the Holby universe.

Episode 1155 of Casualty is the 17th episode of the show's 34th series. It was directed by Jordan Hogg and written by Dana Fainaru.

This episode marks the final appearance of Victor Oshin as F1 Mason Reede as his character is found dead at the very beginning of the episode. It also sees the arrival of advanced clinical practitioner Faith Cadogan, portrayed by Kirsty Mitchell.


Rash finds Mason unresponsive in a store cupboard and attempts to revive him, but Will and David tell him that it is too late. Rash is left bewildered by the situation, but he quickly ends up treating Joe O'Reiley, the father of a young autistic man named Anthony. Anthony begins to take a shine to Rash, but a troubled Rash becomes increasingly frustrated when Joe's symptoms continue to elude him. His exasperation only grows upon finding out that Ethan will soon be going to Costa Rica. When Joe's condition worsens, Rash explodes at Anthony, causing him to run away. With no working diagnosis, Ethan insists that he and Rash work together; the two soon deduce that Joe has COPD.

Mason's mother Angela asks to speak to the doctor who found her son's body. In the relatives room, she thanks Rash for trying his best to save Mason and is relieved when Rash assures her that Mason's death was painless. At the end of Rash's shift, Ethan offers Rash a lift home and claims that he feels awful about what happened to Mason, but Rash walks away. While Joe is taken up to the ward, Anthony forgives Rash for helping Joe and hugs him; Rash's pent-up emotions are released, and he sobs.

Following the discovery of Mason's body, Dylan contacts Marina Kovac, the hospital's on-call manager, who insists on reviewing Mason's training records and assessments. She is concerned by the lack of data regarding Mason's progress in the emergency department and warns Dylan that the department would be in deep trouble if the press found out. Dylan struggles under the increasing pressure on him and the department, but he eventually manages to ground himself after working in resus with Faith Cadogan, the ED's new advanced clinical practitioner.

Meanwhile, the rest of the emergency department is deeply affected by Mason's untimely death. Archie, whose friend at the Ostwyn died in similar circumstances, reproaches herself for missing the signs of Mason's struggle, and the news ends up overshadowing Jade's birthday. In cubicles, Jacob treats Tyler Begbie — a drunk and short-tempered veteran. After learning about the incident, Tyler empathises and explains that he was discharged from the army when he developed PTSD after a close friend and teammate was killed by a land mine in Helmand. After being discharged, Tyler apologises for his behaviour and accepts Jacob's recommendation of bereavement support.


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