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This article covers a real-world subject which should not be taken as part of the Holby universe.

Episode 1157 of Casualty is the 19th episode of the show's 34th series. It was directed by Roberto Bangura and written by Jillian Mannion.


A young man named Ryan is admitted after allegedly tripping over a pothole; the team are sceptical of his claims and soon disgusted when he makes remarks about Mason's death. Another man named Dante is brought into the ED with similar traumatic injuries to Ryan, leading Jacob to believe that the two have both been involved in a fight; his suspicions are confirmed when Dante recognises Ryan and tries to lunge at him, and Jacob deduces that the two are members of rival gangs.

Later, Casey — Dante's sister and Ryan's girlfriend — is taken into resus after receiving a punishment beating from Dante's gang. Upstairs, Ryan finds Dante and threatens to kill him with a pair of scissors. Jacob opens up to Ryan about his belief that he let Mason down and tells him that he can get out of a criminal life; Ryan releases Dante and arrests as a result of an internal bleed. After Ryan stabilises, Jacob laments the fact that he keeps losing people, but Lev urges him to make peace with what he cannot control. Jacob tells Dante that he still has a chance to leave the gang life, but Dante, to Jacob's disappoint, vows to seek revenge for Casey.

Leading ophthalmologist Megan Harrison is impressed by Archie's extensor tendon repair pitch, but Connie is jealous when Archie hold Megan's work in high regard and suggests that she could become her mentor. Meanwhile, Lev offers Ruby some support with raising Harmony.


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