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The 24th episode of series 34 is the 1162nd episode of Casualty overall. It was directed by Diana Patrick and written by Dan Berlinka.


Ruby and Violette's relationship is pushed to the limit when Violette betrays Ruby's trust - and puts baby Harmony's life in danger.

After spending the night with Lara from IT, Will is struggling to finish a tedious report for Connie and ends up calling on Lara for help. But Will soon learns not to mix romance and work.

Ethan returns to an ED that has barely recovered from Mason's death and gets a less than warm welcome from Rash. Ethan and Rash have no choice but to work together but end up clashing - tensions are still running high.



  • When Will was completing the report on his computer, the real Windows 10 taskbar overlaps the recreated one and shows that it is playing a video file.

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