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Episode 1165 of Casualty is the 27th episode of series 34 of the show. It was directed by Andy Newbery and written by Colin Bytheway.

This episode marks the final appearance of Genesis Lynea as registrar Archie Hudson.


Ruby is back at work but is losing patience with her mother, Lavender, who has turned up to help with baby Harmony. With lots on her plate, Ruby has to choose between her career and parenthood.

Jade ends up covering for Marty when he's late for his shift again. Tension between the two friends rises when Jade finally loses her patience with Marty.

Megan offers Archie a job with her in Sudan, but Archie isn't sure if she is ready to leave Holby. Connie tells Archie about a new consultant post which she encourages her to apply for, but will it be enough to make Archie stay?


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