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Episode 1183 of Casualty is the second episode of the show's 35th series. It was directed by Ruth Carney and written by Oliver Frampton.

This episode marks the first appearance of Bobby Lockwood as paramedic Leon Cook; his casting was announced in December 2020.


Connie and Jacob wait for two casualties from an RTC to arrive at the ED and discuss the staff's frustration at not being able to attend Noel's funeral. Connie describes him as "such a fabric of [the department]" and remarks that his deaths reminds her to be grateful for what she has. Jacob offers to cook dinner for them later as long as she leaves work on time for once; Connie jovially accepts his challenge.

Cindy Cooper is taken into resus with a suspected pneumothorax and asks for her son Shane. Connie assures her that he is in good hands.

In cubicles, Will treats Shane who has sustained a leg injury in the crash, and assures him that no other issues were found on clinical examination. He wants to take Shane for an X-ray to look for debris in the wound, but he loses the radiographer and asks Faith to call for them. Faith asks him if he is OK; Will claims that he is tired and is exasperated at the low staffing levels and resources.

Marty and Jade welcome Faith on her first day back at work. Faith claims that she is happy to be back and is looking forward to Lev returning home later in the day. Dylan is surprised to see Faith back at work, and Faith asks if he is OK after contracting COVID-19. Dylan claims that it "wasn't very much fun" but is thankful to have survived, and abruptly leaves.

While cleaning an ambulance, Jan finds a young man calling for someone and asks if he needs help. He explains that he is due to start working for the Holby Ambulance Service the following day and mistakes Jan for a cleaner. Jan recognises him as Leon Cook, and Leon quickly realises his mistake and explains, to Jan's annoyance, that he thought she was "some doddery old cleaning lady". Leon explains that, as he has a COVID course at the hospital, he decided to visit the station and introduce himself. Jan informs him that he will be working with Lev and tells him that she needs to get on with her work, but Leon offers to help out while waiting for his course to start.

In resus, Connie successfully fits Cindy with a chest drain while continuing to flirt with Jacob.

Meanwhile, Will removes a large shard of glass from Shane's leg wound and asks about his shirt. Shane explains that it is from a video game he plays and claims that his mother is fine with him playing it. Will suggests that he does not sound too convinced; Shane says that it's "not always easy". Will notices bruises on Shane's wrist, but Shane confirms that they were sustained in the crash. Shane asks when he will be discharged as he really does not like hospitals; Will jokes that he does not like them either.

Connie informs Cindy that her blood results show an abnormal liver function, but Cindy claims to have stopped drinking a few days ago. When Connie asks how much she typically drinks in a day to determine if she has an alcohol dependency, Cindy explains that her habit worsened over lockdown. Connie offers to get her in touch with support and asks Cindy if she wants to disclose anything else; Cindy demands to speak to Shane and fears that he will be scared with her.

Faith answers a call from Natalia who claims to be running a temperature and explains the situation to Jacob who recommends that she return home. Faith is reluctant to leave, but Jacob accurately guesses that she would be too worried to work properly and encourages her to go.

After Connie finishes a frustrating call, Will claims that Shane appears scared of Cindy and recommends a safeguarding referral; Connie agrees. She informs Rosa that the reception manager has complained about Noel's memorial in the foyer potentially impeding paramedics' access to the department and suggests that she dispose of the flowers. Jacob intervenes and proposes moving the memorial to the peace garden. When Connie tries to distance herself from the board's guideline, Will asks her if she has seen the email regarding a meeting later. Connie claims that she cannot make it and suggests that he attend, but Will criticises her decision not to seize the opportunity to demand more resources and staff. Jacob is pleasantly surprised by Connie's decision, and Connie argues that they need to come out of the pandemic with a new perspective, with hers being making sure that she has "a good reason to go home at night".

Leon proclaim that he will become indispensable to the ambulance service, but Jan is less enthuasiatic and encourages him to leave early for his COVID course. However, Leon misinterprets her suggestion as an offer to take him around and introduce him to his new colleagues.

At home, Natalia's temperature is normal, leading Faith to suggest that she was just feeling anxious about her being away, and assure her that things will be better once Lev returns home. Moments later, Lev makes an abrupt but welcome appearance, unintentionally spoiling the entrance Faith and their children had been planning for him.

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Filming of the episode was completed on 25 September 2020.[1]


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