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Episode 1203 of Casualty is the 22nd episode of the show's 35th series. It was directed by Jennie Paddon and written by Toby Walton.


Fenisha and Jan are called to a church to treat a woman who has gone into cardiac arrest. Upon seeing the building's facade, Fenisha slows and begins to tremble as she enters. She recalls her wedding day and the mother of her fiancé complimenting her earrings, which she is still wearing, but she is snapped back to the present by Jan calling her over as the patient goes into VF.

In the ED, while Rash consults a patient with a ruptured haemorrhoid, David calls him into the neighbouring cubicle and asks for Dylan. Rash explains that Dylan is not working today and asks if he can help. David doubts that he can and, after revealing that Ollie is waiting in the next cubicle, claims that Ollie has been suffering from "odd" symptoms, like headaches, insomnia and vomiting. David asserts that he wants Dylan for his diagnostic skills, but he eventually allows Rash to assess Ollie while warning him that it will be a "tricky" case and telling him to keep Ollie's admission a secret from Rosa.

The woman — Lucy Afolami — is taken into resus and is informed by Ethan that she has suffered a heart attack. However, Lucy recognises Fenisha and accuses her of killing her husband before going into complete heart block. Overwhelmed by her memory of her wedding day, Fenisha runs out of the department and vomits. Iain finds her and asks her if she is alright.

Jan approaches Marty about Bibi and apologises for her actions the week before. Marty apologises in turn for allowing Ciaran to "get inside [his] head" and realises that Ciaran was never going to pay Bibi the compensation he promised. Jan informs Marty that, as a result of a CQC investigation, all operations at Harrington Street Clinic are suspended, and Ciaran's career is over.

As Rash and Ethan discuss the possibility of having to temporary pace Lucy before she undergoes an angioplasty, Marty asks Rash if he knows anyone he could speak to about women suffering from complications caused by vaginal mesh surgery. Rash points Marty towards Dr Shields in obs and gynae who he did a rotation with, but both Rash and Ethan are too busy treating patients to accompany Marty. Ethan assures him that he will manage.

At the ambulance station, Iain finds an irritated Fenisha restocking a rapid response vehicle and asks what is going on, but Fenisha responds to a broadcast about an unconscious male and tells Iain to let her do her job. Fenisha leaves the station, but her path is blocked by a parked car. As she approaches the car, she is shocked to find her ex-fiancé Matthew who claims to be visiting the ED to hand in paperwork before he starts working there as a locum registrar. Fenisha tells Matthew to follow her.

Rosa is surprised to find Ollie in the cubicle and questions David's trust in her, as he had allowed her to take charge of the situation. As the two continue to argue, Rash interrupts and asks Ollie what he wants. Ollie allows Rash to treat him, so Rash ushers David and Rosa away.

In resus, Lucy asks Marty if she can leave for a cigarette, but Marty reminds her of her heart attack. As Lucy loses capture, Ethan decides to perform a temporary pacing in resus, but Matthew, Lucy's son, enters and informs Ethan that Lucy had an IVC filter inserted that could not be removed, so he cannot pace via the femoral vein. However, Ethan claims to be already aware and tells Matthew that he will be going in via the subclavian vein. Ethan notices Fenisha trying to reassure Matthew by holding his hand. Fenisha recalls Lucy and her husband Tony giving her and Matthew tickets to Bali for their honeymoon, and Lucy giving her her mother's earrings.

In his cubicle, Ollie suggests that Rash has no clue what his condition is, but Rash assures him that it is early days. Rash rules out recreational drug use and asks Ollie what he thinks may be causing his illness. Ollie fears that it may be related to the tracheotomy, but Rash assures him that it is not involved.

Fenisha and Matthew watch as Ethan inserts the temporary pacing lead in Lucy's superior vena cava. Lucy briefly experiences ectopic beats, but Ethan successfully completes the procedure.

Rash tells David and Rosa that he does not have a diagnosis yet but promises to find out and asks to continue testing Ollie. David agrees, but Rosa does not want Ollie undergoing unnecessary treatment and warns Rash not to "mess it up".

At the ambulance station, Fenisha explains to Iain that she had to scoop her ex-fiancé's mother at the church where they were supposed to get married. She goes on to state that she jilted Matthew at the altar, stole the honeymoon tickets and left Holby for four years. Iain nearly spits out his tea and jokes that she does not do things by halves.

Ethan assures Matthew that the cath lab are nearly ready for Lucy, and Matthew apologises for storming into resus. After Matthew jokes that he is surprised that Lucy was not killed by the sight of Fenisha, Ethan is shocked to learn that she and Matthew used to be engaged. Matthew claims to have heard about Fenisha having a baby; Ethan states that he is the father, but he and Fenisha are only co-parents.

Ollie and David explain to Rash that Ollie has been experiencing numbness in his thumbs. Rash tries to ask how long the numbness has been present, but Rosa returns with snacks and magazines. Ollie puts his headphones on and returns to his music while David and Rosa continue to bicker.

Outside the ambulance station, Matthew visits Fenisha who fears that her actions may have contributed to Tony's death. Matthew assures Fenisha that Tony died of COPD. Fenisha tells Matthew that she spoke to Tony before she left for Bali. Tony immediately knew that Fenisha had left for the airport and arrived there before she did. When Tony approached her, Fenisha explained that, while walking down the aisle, she thought that something did not feel right and concluded that she could not base a marriage on that feeling. Tony told her to do whatever she had to, but he urged her to remember that there were people, including Matthew, who cared about and loved her. Fenisha requested that Tony hold off from telling Matthew that he found her, but she agreed to call Tony again. Fenisha admits that she never called Tony again and hates the fact that Lucy hates her. Fenisha asks Matthew if he will ever be able to forgive her, but Ethan interrupts to inform Matthew that Lucy is awake and asking for him. Fenisha and Matthew agree to talk later.

Rash listens to Ollie's music, while David and Rosa argue in the neighbouring cubicle.

After marvelling at Matthew's car, Ethan suggests to Fenisha that he seems nice and that he obviously still likes her. Fenisha asks Ethan how he would feel if Matthew asked her out; Ethan insists that he would be fine with it as he views Fenisha as a friend and his child's mother.

Marty thanks Rash for his help and tells him that he and Dr Shields have formulated a plan that he will reveal soon.

In resus, realising that Matthew has spoken to Fenisha, Lucy urges him not to be a fool and insists that she killed Tony. Matthew contends that Tony died of the smoking and drinking habits he shared with her and that the only person damaging her is herself.

Rash reviews Ollie's symptoms and suggests that he may have a non-specific viral infection. David is unimpressed by Rash's lack of definitive answers and questions his intelligence, but David quickly apologises and explains that it is difficult when it is your own child that is ill. Nevertheless, Rash feels defeated, but Charlie jokingly tells Rash to cheer up as he might never have children. Jade tries to cheer up Rash, claiming that Einstein once stated that "failure is success in progress".

Iain finds Fenisha performing a stock check and encourages to go home. Fenisha promises that she will and asks Iain where Jan is; he does not know. Fenisha is visited by Matthew.

Jan joins Marty in the ED as he waits for Dr Shields to arrive to make the announcement, but he is informed that she cannot make it and encouraged to speak on her behalf. After Jan gets the staff's attention by loudly telling them to shut up, Marty states that he struggled when Bibi revealed to him that she had a vaginal mesh fitted and later questioned how he could talk to women entering the department with the same gynaecological symptoms. He announces that he has produced a protocol that provides a framework to start conversations, offers information regarding symptoms suggesting vaginal mesh complications and instructions on how to refer to gynae and urology. His colleagues applaud his efforts.

Rash spots Ollie walking out of the department and accompanies him.

Talking to Matthew, Fenisha admits that the pearl earrings Lucy gave her made her contemplate her future and helped her realise that she was not ready to get married. Fenisha claims that she is happy with her decision to leave, and Matthew concurs, claiming that he would not have joined the Overseas Emergency Care Programme, travelled the world, and be where he is right now. He assures Fenisha that he forgave her years ago and claims to prefer the "new" Fenisha.

Rash regrets not being able to help Ollie more and states that music is his "saving grace", and Ollie claims that he uses it to block out David and Rosa's arguments. Ollie explains that Rosa has been unusually fixated on him and has been lashing out at David when he tries to help. Rash assures Ollie that he can be honest with him. Ollie hypothesises that he reminds Rosa of her dead son Gabriel and points out that he died after suffering similar symptoms, including the numb thumbs. However, David and Rosa call Ollie to the car before Rash can inquire further which leaves him feeling troubled.

Ethan visits Lucy on a ward and informs her that it is unlikely that she will require permanent pacing. He assures her that there is every change that she can lead a normal life with a stent and a change in lifestyle, but Lucy attests that normality died with her husband and that you only have one chance of true love. Ethan asks if it gets easier at all; Lucy argues that Ethan has not met his forever person yet. Realising that he has feelings for Fenisha, Ethan rushes to the ambulance station to make his feelings known to her, but he finds Fenisha flirting with Matthew and concludes that he is too late.



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