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This article covers a real-world subject which should not be taken as part of the Holby universe.

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Big moments grow from small beginnings. One minute, you're stuck in your rut. Alone. Isolated. Then someone turns a corner. And from then on, everything's different. And it becomes like a drug.
— Lev tells Xander how he makes him feel.

Episode 1204 of Casualty is the 23rd episode of the show's 35th series. It was directed by Jennie Paddon and written by Katie Douglas.


Lev finally begins to accept his homosexuality and spends an evening having a barbecue with Xander who has since become his boyfriend. The following morning, Lev opens up about his feelings for Xander and tells him that being with him makes him feel "warm and safe".

Elsewhere in Holby, a woman named Nia takes an interest in a jogger who regularly passes her house and eventually begins to feel that they have a cnnection. The jogger, named Owen, takes notice and smiles back at Nia, but he fails to see an oncoming car and is hit. Nia pauses briefly at her gate, but she ultimately decides to help Owen. She runs to his side and introduces herself.

Lev decides to have brunch with Xander in public and is initially hesitant. He eventually decides to go through with it, with some encouragement from Xander.

Outside the ED, after Matthew waives at her, Fenisha tells Ethan that Matthew is working in the department as a locum. She claims that Matthew has been discussing plans for three-weeks time without considering her commitments as a mother and tells Ethan that Bodhi managed to push himself up on his own the night before. Ethan asks why Matthew is a problem, and Fenisha suggests that her relationship with Matthew may be moving too fast and best left in the past.

At the Caf 08 café, Lev becomes uncomfortable with people staring at him and Xander but insists on staying. When a man named Sam Richards begins making homophobic remarks, Xander urges Lev to ignore them, but Lev loses his patience and confronts Sam, pushing the table over in the process.

As Jan prepares to take Owen to the hospital, Nia claims that Owen was the victim of a hit-and-run and that she always feared that he would eventually be hit by one of the area's "crazy" drivers. Jan informs Nia that Owen will be taken to Holby City Hospital, but she cannot accompany him in the ambulance. Nia disclaims any relation to Owen, but Jan assures her that they do not ask for marriage certificates nowadays.

Ethan tells Rash about Fenisha's troubled relationship with Matthew. Ethan insists that he does not have romantic feelings for Fenisha, but Rash is sceptical and posits that, if Ethan does have feelings for her, living and having a child together puts him "light years" ahead of the competition.

After being told to leave the café, Lev attests that he wants to be ready to be openly gay and urges Xander not to give up on him. Xander tells Lev that he needs to be able to hear homophobic comments without retaliating and agrees to talk later after Lev goes to work and gets his head straight. However, Lev overhears two men talking about showing someone that they were "not messing" and finds Sam beaten up nearby.

Owen is taken into resus with a large head laceration and boggy haematoma, and Ethan is told that Nia is Owen's partner. Ethan asks if Owen is on any medication or has any allergies; Nia tells him that he is fit and healthy, and runs everyday.

In the waiting area, Sam continues to goad Lev and suggests that Lev does not want people knowing about his relationship with Xander. Lev leaves with David so he can start his shift.

In resus, Rash informs Ethan that Owen's CT has come back clear and that he became more alert in the scanner, but Owen becomes tachycardic. Ethan deduces that Owen is experiencing an arterial bleed and decides to suture his head laceration. However, as Ethan attempts to draw lignocaine to anaesthetise the area around the laceration, he briefly loses control of his hand. When Rash asks for Ethan, Ethan tells him how to perform a figure-of-eight suture and assures Rash that he will be fine before leaving the room.

Charlie asks Nia to fill in a next-of-kin admission form, but Nia claims to be feeling overwhelmed and unsure about what to say. After Nia returns to the waiting area, Sam's grandmother Irene approaches her for a conversation. Nia says that everyone has assumed that she is Owen's partner when she does not know what he is to her; Irene sympathises and tells her about her relationship woes. When Charlie informs Irene that she can visit Sam, she recognises Charlie and, to his surprise, is unexpectedly excited.

Sam begins receiving threatening text messages demanding money. He quickly hides the phone as he spots Irene approaching, and she mistakes his actions as him concealing a valuable phone. David informs Sam that he does not have any broken bones, but he states, in front of Irene, that Sam's septum has been damaged by apparent drug use. Irene vehemently denies any possibility of Sam being a drug user.

In the staff room, Ethan writes a note in his symptom diary about the incident in resus. He believes that it could be chorea, a symptom of Huntington's disease. Rash informs Ethan that Owen's bleeding has stopped and questions why he left. Ethan claims that he was called to minors, but Rash does not believe him. Ethan lies and states that he left Rash to "sink or swim" to give him "a push". Rash relunctantly accepts Ethan's explanation but asks him to warn him beforehand next time.

At the ambulance station, Lev leaves a voice message for Xander apologising for his behaviour and asking to talk.

After Nia explains to Jade how she and Owen "met" for the first time, Rash tells her that Owen's CT scan has come back clear, and his head laceration has been sutured. However, Ethan notices a rash on Owen. Nia does not recall seeing a rash when Owen arrived at the hospital, leading Rash to conclude that Owen is suffering from anaphylaxis. Ethan approaches Nia about her claiming that Owen did not have any allergies and urges her to remember what he is allergic to. Nia admits that she knows nothing about Owen. Ethan is frustrated and warns him that the anaphylaxis could kill him.

Irene urges Sam to return home safely, and Sam jokingly asks for spaghetti bolognese for tea. After Irene leaves, David talks to Sam about the death of mother. Sam explains that she overdosed when he was two and insists that Irene does not know about his addiction.

Xander visits the ED after receiving nearly a dozen voicemails from Lev. Lev acknowledges that he has not been himself and urges Xander to accept that he is not "like that" anymore. Xander decides to give Lev the benefit of the doubt.

As Owen begins to wake up, Rash comments on the new hearing aid Jade is wearing to help her work in resus; Jade jokes that he and Robyn should not use it as an excuse to slack off from learning new signs. Owen overhears Jade expressing her disbelief at Nia's actions and demands to know more.

Charlie prepares to lead a patient to cubicles, but Irene asks Charlie if he could call her a taxi. When Charlie dismisses her, she accuses him of pretending to not know who she is. Charlie suggests that she may be confusing him with someone else, but Irene knows that he is Charlie Fairhead and claims to have talked to him two days prior. Confused, Charlie asks Lev to show Irene to the taxi rank. However, Sam mistakenly thinks Lev and Xander are about to tell Irene about his drug addiction and begins spouting homophobic abuse at them again. Sick of Sam's comments, Lev punches him in the face and is almost goaded into striking him again. Xander tells Lev that he needs help and leaves.

Outside, while Ethan smiles at a photograph of Bodhi, Matthew comments on his first locum shift in the ED and asks Ethan if Fenisha has said anything about him. Ethan claims that Fenisha does not discuss such matters with him and only mentioned that the relationship is "casual", but Matthew laughs and claims that their relationship is far from "casual".

Jan reprimands Lev for punching Sam in the ED while wearing his uniform, but she suggests that the situation may be more complicated and asks Lev for the whole story. Lev refuses to go into more detail.

In her garden, Irene calls for her cat, but she is confronted by two men.

Owen asks for Nia and demands an explanation from her. Nia apologises to Owen and claims that there was never a good opportunity to correct the practitioners' assumptions about their relationship. Owen tells Nia that he is allergic to penicillin and almost died because of her actions. Nia explains that her office never reopened after the first lockdown, and the pandemic worsened her isolation and made Owen the only person she would regularly see. Owen claims that he had never jogged prior to the pandemic; he just needed to leave his house. Nia assures Owen that she is a good person, but the alien feeling of leaving her garden led to her making a mistake.

David recognises Irene as she is taken into resus and goes to get Sam. Irene has sustained fractured ribs, facial injuries and a potential neck of femur fracture. Irene tells Matthew that she was attacked by the men. As a horrified Sam sees the state of his grandmother, David informs him of the intruders but assures him that Irene is in the best hands.

After Rash completing taking Owen's obs, Nia apologises to Owen again for her mistake. Owen dismisses her expression of regret, but he is pleasantly surprised when Nia reveals herself to be a fellow fan of Star Trek. Owen suggests that, when he goes jogging again, Nia leaves him a cup of tea on her wall; Nia takes Owen's hand and agrees.

Sam visits a recovering Irene and admits that her attackers were drug dealers. Irene is disappointed by Sam's addiction, but Sam claims that going to college did not improve his employment prospects. Sam tells Irene that the intruders attacked him earlier as he owes them money and threatened to kill him if he did not pay them. Irene warns Sam that drug dealers do not have morals and claims to have realised that his situation had become extremely bad when his mother stopped talking to her. Sam claims that he did not tell Irene about his addiction in case she became ashamed of him; Irene confirms Sam's fears and tells him that she does not know who he is anymore. A devastated Sam accepts Irene's feelings and walks away.

At the ambulance station, Lev is informed by Jan and Ffion that Sam has decided to press charges.

Ethan visits Fenisha at the ambulance station and wants to discuss the future he wants her and Bodhi to have. Ethan acknowledges that the events since Bodhi's conception has worked out well for them, but Ethan contends that Fenisha needs love and companionship, and encourages her to make plans with Matthew for the evening. Fenisha decides to take Ethan's suggestion onboard, but she reminds Ethan that he can be happy too. Ethan smiles, but he walks away feeling defeated.

Nearby, Jan urges Lev to tell the police the whole story about the assault and warns him that he could lose his job. Lev agrees and is escorted to a police car by Ffion who places Lev under arrest.


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