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Episode 1205 of Casualty is the 24th episode of the show's 35th series. It was directed by Piotr Szkopiak and written by Joanna Quesnel.


A man in a superhero costumes races down roads and alleyways on a mountain bike while performing tricks and weaving between bollards. While riding down a road, the car in front of him brakes abruptly, causing the man to crash into the back of it and roll over its roof. To the driver's shock, the man gets up, seemingly unscathed.

On her way into work, Faith complains to Iain about Lev demanding clothes while hiding in a hotel and not contacting her for a week following the assault. Iain urges Faith to cut Lev some slack, as Lev is "dealing with a lot", but Faith is out of goodwill and asserts that Lev can "grow a pair" if he wants to be a thug again.

Meanwhile, Jacob is nearly late for work and suggests that Tina come back to his flat after work to finish the morning's "activities". Tina suggests that, if she moves in, Jacob can have all the "activities" he wants; Jacob claims that her suggestion is tempting, but he likes having his man cave to retreat to.

At the scene of the accident, Fenisha tends to the driver, Sid Thorman, whose chest slammed into the steering wheel while he was braking to avoid hitting an oncoming car. When approached by Fenisha, the cyclist introduces himself as "Doctor Dynamite". Noticing his hyperactivity, Fenisha tells "Dynamite" that he is full of adrenaline because of the crash, but he may have some internal injuries that need checking over. "Dynamite" agrees to be taken to the emergency department and excitedly runs to the ambulance.

At the ED, Jacob asks Tina if she is alright with not moving in with him yet, and Tina jokes that Jacob should be so lucky. Matthew approaches Jacob about needing another nurse in resus. Jacob volunteers Tina and introduces her to Matthew who claims to have heard good things.

As Marty complains about the time it is taking to book patients into the department, Paul Pegg, the new receptionist temp, arrives at work late because of his dog vomiting. Robyn recognises Paul and asks him what he is doing in the ED.

"Dynamite" is taken into resus 3 and refuses to take his mask and helmet off. While Dylan assesses "Dynamite", Jacob highlights "Dynamite"'s trembling arm which suggests that he is in withdrawal. When Jacob tries to inspect "Dynamite"'s pupils, "Dynamite" flinches and raises his hands, but he soon calms down. Jacob finds that "Dynamite"'s pupils are dilated, leading Dylan to suspect drug-induced psychosis and hold off on a psych assessment.

As Matthew and Tina treat Sid in resus, Sid states that he lost half a lung during the Falklands War and that the crash briefly took him back to that time. When Tina cracks a joke and causes Sid to experience pain while laughing, Matthew expresses his concerns about Sid's hypotension and arrhythmia. Tina tells Sid that Matthew is used to air strikes after previously working in war zones.

Robyn has no patient data and asks Paul if the system is down. While searching for the data, Paul claims to have not seen Robyn since their school prom, but he quickly changes the subject when Robyn recalls an incident involving a teacher's car and the Farmead Park pond. Paul manages to deliver the data to Robyn's tablet, but Robyn reprimands Paul when she finds that he has put information about a history of bleeding following a hysterectomy in the notes of a pregnant woman.

"Dynamite"'s tremor has worsened, so Dylan is keen to find out whether "Dynamite" has sustained any nerve damage. "Dynamite" insists that he is invincible; Dylan feels that "Dynamite" may need to be sedated for the CT scan. "Dynamite" suddenly lashes out and claims to have an "urgent appointment with [his] destiny".

As Lev makes his way to the ED's entrance, "Dynamite" runs out and surfs on a trolley. Lev stops the trolley and berates "Dynamite" for his behaviour, prompting "Dynamite" to throw a punch. "Dynamite" grabs a crutch and gives a heroic speech, but Lev throws the crutch and grabs "Dynamite" in order to punch him. However, Iain urges Lev to stop, and a woman named Maya recognises "Dynamite" as a man named Dean and is shocked by his behaviour.

Back inside, Maya informs Jacob that Dean has been taking dopamine agonists for Parkinson's disease and has been depressed since his diagnosis four months prior. Maya claims that Dean's self-destructive behaviour peaked around two weeks ago when he started drinking heavily and doing online gambling, so she decided to track his phone when he did not return home the night before. Jacob explains that dopamine agonists can cause daredevil syndrome — a dopamine "high" where people seek out risky activities — but Jacob claims that those symptoms should stop quicky now that Dean has stopped taking the agonists. Dean apologises to Maya and tells her that she has been amazing "as per". Jacob explains that Dylan believes a review of Dean by the psych team would be useful; Dean agrees to the review.

Iain informs Faith of the incident involving Lev and Dean but assures her that the situation is resolved. Faith is frustrated by Lev's violent demeanour and decides to go on her break.

Matthew approaches Jacob and Jade about getting a bed for Sid. Jade tells Matthew that the wards are full, but Tina jokes that Sid appreciates Matthew's credentials as an "international man of mystery". Marty informs the group that Sid has a cardiac contusion, and Tina feels jealous when Jacob calls Jade "supernurse" as they return to resus.

Faith gives Lev a bag of his clothes. Lev thanks Faith and proceeds to leave, but Faith stops him and suggests that they agree on a story for their children. Lev insists that they do not discuss it at the hospital, so Faith agrees to follow him.

As Paul puzzles over the pronunciation of medical procedures, Robyn notices that Paul was telling the truth about having a dog and tells him that she is a single mother to a daughter named Charlotte. Robyn explains that the pandemic has been horrendous, so Paul jokes that Robyn needs a staffy like his Dukey to cheer her up. Marty informs the pair that a patient named Mr Dobson has not been triaged yet. Paul suspects that there has been an error booking Mr Dobson in, so Robyn covers for Paul and tells Mr Dobson that such errors tend to occur when there is a national halt to the system.

In resus, Sid goes into VF, prompting Matthew to begin chest compressions and defibrillation. Tina, who is watching from paeds resus, overhears Matthew asking for help and promptly volunteers.

In a park, Lev tells Faith that he is staying at a hotel until he works things out. Faith accepts that Lev's situation is difficult for him, but she insists that he cannot use it as an excuse to start fights. Lev asserts that Dean asked for it, but Faith urges Lev to stop with "all the macho crap" and claims that she does not recognise him anymore. Lev dismisses Faith's comments and leaves to buy a coffee.

Matthew instructs Tina to give Sid adrenaline and prepare some amiodarone for after the third shock, but Tina struggles to remove the packaging, prompting Jade to take over. After being administered the shock, Sid goes back into sinus rhythm, and his sats improve. Matthew thanks the team for their help, but Tina feels humiliated by Jacob's praise of Jade and storms out. Outside, Jade admits to feeling emotional after Sid's resuscitation, so Jacob reassures her that she did great in resus, much to Tina's chagrin.

Faith notices a text from Xander on Lev's phone demanding Lev to stop calling him, so Faith secretly takes a photograph of the message before Lev returns with the drinks. Faith apologises to Lev, but Lev insists that, now that they are getting divorced, his issues are none of her business. Faith asks Lev if anyone is helping him with the assault case, but Lev asserts that he does not need help. Faith tries to tell Lev that they need to tell the children about the assault, but Lev miscontrues her statement as her trying to get Lev to come out to them and demands that she tells them nothing.

Jacob informs Dean that the CT scan shows nothing obvious and that Dylan has made the psych referral. Jacob asks Dean how he feels about his diagnosis. Dean claims that he wanted to do an ultra-triathlon, but he decides that he wants to conquer Mount Everest before his Parkinson's makes him unable to. Maya is surprised by Dean's sudden confidence, thinking that Dean had given up on that dream long ago; Dean immediately begins exercising and states that if you cease to dream, you cease to live.

A pair of men, Terry Warp and Dave Sweet, wheel a TV out of the department and harass Robyn. Paul confronts him and demands to know what they are doing; they claim that they are getting it security marked and leave the TV when Paul demands that they show ID. When Paul tells Robyn that the men were stealing the TV, Robyn insists on reporting them, but Paul claims that there is little point. Robyn recalls the men referring to Paul by name, but Paul denies knowing them.

Jacob finds Tina and asks if she is avoiding him. Tina accuses Jacob of humiliating her in resus and rubbing it in afterwards during his conversation with Jade, but Jacob insists that the situation in resus was time-critical and that Jade just needed some encouragement. Jacob brings up the topic of Tina wanting to move in and states that his previous attempts at rushing things in the past did not work out, but Tina realises that he is talking about Connie and leaves him flustered. Tina takes issue with Jacob's inconsistent views on their relationship and suggests that he is being "protective of [his] exes". Jacob insists that he is being straight with her and pulls Tina up on her flirting with Matthew, but Charlie interrupts and calls Jacob to help Matthew in resus 3.

Tina informs Dean that his CT is clear, but it will be a while before psych can fit him in. Maya discovers that Dean took £6000 out of their joint account the night before at a casino, prompting Dean to punch the bed in frustration. Maya reminds Dean of his promise to quit online gambling and performing dangerous stunts and leaves when Dean insists that he was not himself.

Faith leaves Lev a message telling him that he can concoct whatever story he wants for their children, and she is called away to help Dylan in HDC by Robyn.

Robyn approaches Paul about his "ducking and diving". Paul claims that he got lost after leaving school and shows that he still makes the origami robins that he used to make frequently in school. When Paul asks her if she is alright, Robyn admits that she rarely sees Charlotte because of work and that she has not had a day off in about a year. Paul urges Robyn to use up her annual leave to go somewhere and "seize the day", but Robyn dismisses his suggestion and claims that it is Groundhog Day.

A scheming Tina finds a stressed Maya pacing outside the department and asks how long she has been feeling stressed. Maya explains that no amount of symptom-controlling drugs will bring back the money Dean has lost her and states that Dean had spent the last of her redundancy pay. Tina assures Maya that she is doing brilliantly and tells her to remember to look after herself.

Dean grows increasingly frustrated when his hands begin to tremble due to his Parkinson's and resorts to snorting drugs to calm himself down.

Tina grows distressed when she sees Jacob laughing with Robyn to the point that her vision and hearing distort. However, Matthew calls Tina to a cubicle.

Maya finds Dean outside as he goes to bet a roll of bank notes he has found in his pocket. Dean claims that he might need more funds, but Maya informs him that he has blown their savings, and she has blocked his cards. As Dean marches onwards, Charlie notices Maya holding her chest and asks if he can help. Maya claims that she is fine and follows Dean, and Charlie is confused when a random woman waves at him. Maya is shown the roll and orders Dean not to bet the money. She tells him that she was forced to turn down a retail job in Glasgow because of his Parkinson's. Dean is irate and berates Maya for not taking the job, but Maya becomes tachycardic.

Robyn asks Paul to print off some patien ID forms for her. Paul tells Robyn that his grandmother has a caravan at Morecambe Bay and suggests that she and Charlotte stay with him there for a holiday. A flustered Robyn turns Paul down, stating that they have not seen each other in years, and goes to change a patient's catheter.

Faith meets up with Xander by a lake. Xander tells Faith that someone made a homophobic jibe at him and Lev while they were sitting in a café. Lev found the man in an alleyway and brought him to the ED; he continued spouting homophobic abuse which made Lev panic and punch him. Faith begins to sympathise with Lev.

Jacob informs Maya that she has had a panic attack and assures her that things will get easier once Dean has seen psych. Maya notices the packet and asks Dean to explain himself. Dean admits that he was double-dosing on dopamine to "still get the buzz" when prompted to start taking drugs to make him feel alive. As Maya and Dean continue to row, Jade approaches Tina about them and asks if they need to involve security; Tina volunteers to call them herself. However, after asking Maya to wait by reception, Tina begins goading Dean and telling him that she hopes Maya leaves him as he deserves to be alone as he degenerates. When Dean picks up a sharps bin, Tina dares him to throw it at her. Dean throws the bin at Tina, prompting her to fall to the floor and call Jacob for help. Jacob rushes to Tina's help and takes her to safety.

Faith pleads Xander to help her convince Lev to tell the police what actually happened, but Xander believes that Lev's homophobia is too ingrained and claims that he cannot take it on. Faith assures Xander that Lev is not a violent person and explains that Lev has turned his homosexuality into a "monster" because of the homophobic culture he comes from; Xander argues that the "monster" is going to destory Lev if he cannot control it. Faith affirms that she will not let it destroy Lev and will never give up on him.

Jacob assesses a head laceration Tina has sustained and admonishes her for dealing with Dean alone. Tina insists that security were taking too long to appear, and claims that she was "all over the place" after their row.

Dean insists to Maya that his violent outburst was a result of him coming down off the drugs and assures her that they can make their relationship work. Maya tells Dean that she loves him, but she asserts that Dean does not see her anymore, and contends that, if she stays and looks after him, there will be nothing left of her. Dean assures Maya that he is listening now, but Maya argues that they will ultimately end up in the same position again and assures him that he will be okay.

Jacob approaches Tina in the staff room and claims that the incident with Dean has made him realise how much she means to him, but Tina is still indignant about his unwillingness to let her move in with him and informs him that she is speaking to HR about moving to another hospital. Jacob is shocked and asks Tina what her decision means for them as a couple; Tina tells him to make his thoughts known.

Outside the ED, Paul confronts Terry and Dave who snidely compliment Paul on his new job and "NHS skirt". Paul insists that he does not do driving and robbing anymore and objects to them objectifying Robyn, but Terry and Dave laugh it off and promise to keep in touch. Robyn approaches Paul about whether the offer of the caravan still stands. Paul enthusiastically agrees, but Robyn is firm about just doing it "as friends".

Jacob follows Tina out of the department and insists that she stay with him overnight, but she declines. However, Jacob asks her to move in with him, claiming that it "makes so much sense". Tina is delighted, and the two share a kiss before Tina pulls away and suggests saving it until they get home. Jade thanks Jacob for his support during her shift; Tina says that Jacob cannot help it as he is a "total hero". Jacob returns to his shift, as Tina leaves feeling triumphant.


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