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Episode 1206 of Casualty is the 25th episode of the show's 35th series. It was directed by Piotr Szkopiak and written by Jess Green and Kit Lambert.


Builder Rochelle Reigner turns up late at a construction site and is reprimanded by her boss Brian. Secretly, Rochelle visits a shed and hides her infant daughter Isla.

At the ED, Jacob approaches Rash about Ollie Hide, whom Rash treated for a suspected viral infection a few weeks prior, and informs Rash that Ollie has been taken in with the same symptoms by a teacher. Jacob offers to get Matthew to take the case, but Rash steps up.

At the ambulance station, Jan asks Fenisha how her reunion with Matthew is going and whether or not he is happy with Fenisha being a mother; Fenisha assumes that Matthew likes children, as he specialises in paediatrics. Fenisha and Jan stumble upon Ethan playing with Bodhi, but Fenisha has to attend a team meeting. Fenisha suggests that she and Ethan have a takeaway in the evening, but Ethan points out that she is supposed to be going out with Matthew. Fenisha says that she can do that tomorrow and points out that he has not a night off in ages, but Ethan does not mind and continues introducing Bodhi to the Tom Baker years of Doctor Who. Fenisha blows a kiss, but she immediately clarifies that it was directed at Bodhi.

Ollie explains to Rash that he started feeling shaky and randomly vomited in the middle of the classroom. Rash tries to bring up Ollie's comments about Rosa' son Gabriel, but David appears having finished treating another patient. David realises that his phone was off and asks if anyone has told Rosa about Ollie's admissions, but a frustrated Ollie tells David to relax. As Rash continues to assess Ollie's symptoms, David asks Jacob if he has seen Rosa and is confused to learn that Rosa has taken the morning off despite leaving the house before him. David asks Rash for a prognosis; Rash does not know, but he promises to finally find out what is wrong with Ollie.

While laying bricks, Rochelle feels exhausted and goes to get a drink, but Brian introduces her to Frank Polt, a young man who started working on the site on the weekend. Rochelle nearly gets Frank dismissed by claiming that his brick work was not level to hide her exhaustion, but she volunteers to show Frank the ropes. After Brian leaves, Frank thanks Rochelle and admits that he lied on his CV in an act of desperation.

Fenisha asks Matthew if he fancies doing something later; he says he will have to check his "very busy" diary. As Fenisha and Matthew flirt, Marty listens in and remarks to Rash that Fenisha and Matthew make a cute couple.

Rash informs Ollie that his bloods show nothing, so he will send him for an ECG as a precaution. Rash suggests to Ollie that his symptoms may be coming from something he is ingesting. David states that he had the same breakfast as Ollie, and he feels fine. David jumps to the conclusion that Ollie may have food poisoning and offers to check the best-before dates on the ingredients he used; Rash fruitlessly tries to assure him that it is not necessary. Ollie apologises to Rash for his father's demeanour, but Rash asserts that David is allowed to be concerned for him and declares Ollie nil by mouth except for water.

On the construction site, Frank tells Rochelle that he lied about volunteering building schools in Somalia and asks her if she is okay when she begins to show signs of sickness. However, Rochelle immediately becomes concerned when she sees a digger approaching the shed, and Frank explains that Brian wants it taken down. Rochelle immediately runs to the shed to save Isla, but she collapses due to abdominal pains. Frank and Brian immediately run over, and Brian orders Frank to call an ambulance.

Rash is perplexed when Ollie's ECG comes back normal. Ollie is relieved and asks if he can go home, but Rash wants to keep him in the department until he knows what is wrong with him. Rash asks Ollie again if he takes drugs, but Ollie insists that he was not lying. Rosa arrives in the ED as David returns after checking the ingredients. David asks Rosa where she has been; Rosa claims to have attended a training course at St James'. As David and Rosa argue over the latter's lack of communication, Jade offers to lend Rash a urine test kit to verify Ollie's assertion that he is clean. Rash thanks Jade but asks her not to say anything to David so no ideas are put into his head.

After Rochelle is moved into an ambulance, Fenisha tells Brian and Frank that Rochelle is hypoglycaemic and not responding to the maximum dose of glucose, but Brian does not know if she is diabetic. Fenisha asks Brian if he is able to inform Rochelle's next of kin, but Brian only knows of Rochelle's six-month-old daughter. Frank offers to accompany Rochelle to the hospital, but Fenisha tells him that it is not possible, and Brian wants Frank to continue working. Brian tells Frank to inform Kev that he wants the shed torn down as soon as possible.

After Rash is informed by Jade that Ollie's urine test has come back clear, David asks Rash for answers and becomes frustrated when Rash reveals that he has none. Rash suggests that he could do a full tox screen, but the hospital's labs would never do it, so he is faced with having to ask a friend at a private clinic. David praises Rash's idea and offers to pay for the test if necessary.

As Fenisha hands Rochelle over to Matthew in the ED, the demolition vehicles on the site begin revving their engines.

Rosa returns to Ollie with magazines, but Ollie wants to go home and begs to be allowed outside for five minutes. Rosa reminds Ollie that he is under observation, but she eventually gives in on the condition that she remains with him; Ollie agrees to Rosa's terms as long as she buys him a hot chocolate.

Fenisha finds Ethan with Bodhi in the ambulance station, and Ethan explains that he could not attend the baby sensory as he was too busy cleaning up after Bodhi filled his nappy. Ethan asks about Matthew, and Fenisha confirms that she is going on a date with him. However, as Ethan tries to lift Bodhi up, he loses control of his hand and accidentally drops Bodhi. Fenisha rushes Bodhi into the ED and asks Matthew to assess him. Ethan claims that he dropped Bodhi because Bodhi started wriggling. Matthew agrees to check Bodhi over.

Rash manages to secure Ollie the tox screen, but Ollie's cubicle is empty. Outside, Rosa asks Ollie if something is happening at school as he seems tense, but Ollie angrily asserts that he feels tense because of her and David's precarious relationship and her reluctance to tell him the truth about how is going on. After finishing his hot chocolate, Ollie feels sick and vomits in the peace garden before fainting. Rash finds Ollie and orders Rosa to get help.

Matthew finishes assessing Bodhi and assures Fenisha and Ethan that Bodhi is fine. Fenisha suggests cancelling the date, but Ethan insists that the fall was just an accident. Ethan volunteers to collect the rest of Bodhi's things from the ambulance station, but Fenisha tells Ethan that they need to talk.

Rochelle wakes up in the ED and immediately demands to know where her baby is.

After Ollie is taken back inside, David claims to have seen Rosa running into the toilets crying and expresses his confusion at her constant mood swings, but Rash suggests that they focus on getting Ollie better.

At the ambulance station, Fenisha insists on discussing what happened with Ethan, but Ethan continues claiming that it was just an accident and that Bodhi wriggled. Fenisha urges Ethan to be honest and asks if his arm twitched because of his Huntington's disease. Ethan eventually admits that he believes it was chorea. Matthew interrupts and asks Fenisha if there was a baby at the building site, as Rochelle has said that she hid her baby in a shed that is due to be demolished. Fenisha volunteers to accompany Matthew to the construction site. Ethan suggests that he drive instead, but Fenisha tells him that he should remain at the ambulance station.

After arriving at the construction site, Fenisha rushes into the shed to find Isla, but an excavator approaches the shed and prepares to tear it down. Matthew tries to get the attention of the driver, but his attempts are unsuccessful, and the bucket breaches the ceiling, causing wood and glass to fall on Fenisha. Matthew manages to help Fenisha out of the shed, and the pair watch on in horror as the excavator destroys it.

In the staff room, Rash admits to Ethan that he is having a bad day and explains that he could tear his patient's family apart if his suspicions are correct. Ethan reminds Rash that his priority as a doctor is to protect his patient, but Rash claims that it is complicated and asks Ethan why he is in the ED with Bodhi on his day off. Ethan explains the situation and Fenisha's date with Matthew almost being cancelled; Rash suggests that it may not have been a bad thing and refuses to believe that Ethan wholeheartedly wants Fenisha to be with Matthew.

Fenisha and Matthew return to the remains of the shed, and Fenisha finds a toy rabbit amongst the debris. Fenisha returns to the ED with the rabbit and prepares to give Rochelle bad news, but Fenisha is overcome with joy when she discovers that Isla had already been saved.

When Matthew returns to the ED, Rash approaches him with Ollie's symptoms and asks for Matthew for his opinion. After Rash claims that it is unlikely that Ollie's condition is self-inflicted and states that no other household member shares Ollie's symptoms, Matthew concludes that it is unlikely to be environmental. Rash asks if Matthew is suggesting that someone might be poisoning Ollie, Matthew points out that it would take a lot of medical knowledge to poison someone without it showing up on a tox screen. Matthew encourages Rash to follow the medicine, trust his instincts and try to find some evidence.

Rash overhears a conversation between David and Rosa where Rosa claims to have made David and Ollie breakfast. Rash interrupts and claims to have understood that David made Ollie's breakfast, but Rosa corrects Rash and scolds him for interrupting her and David's private conversation. Believing that Rash has deemed Ollie's condition serious, David follows him and asks him what is wrong with his son. Rash tries to avoid the conversation and claims to not know, but David pushes Rash for an answer and reminds him of the turmoil Rosa must be going through given Gabriel's death. When Rash unconsciously makes a face when David mentions Gabriel, David realises that Rash believes Rosa is involved and quickly deduces that Rash suspects Rosa of deliberately poisoning Ollie. Rash insists that David is putting words in his mouth, highlights the instances of Ollie getting sick after eating food prepared by Rosa, points out that Ollie tenses at the sight of Rosa, and mentions her erratic behaviour. As Rash begins to suggest that Rosa may have Munchausen syndrome by proxy, David berates Rash for suggesting that Rosa would ever harm Ollie or Gabriel, and orders Rash to stay away from him, Rosa and Ollie.

Matthew assesses Isla and assures Rochelle that she is unharmed. Frank apologises for not letting people know that he found Isla in case it would get her into trouble, and explains that he accidentally boarded the wrong bus while on his way to the ED. Rochelle assures Frank that he has nothing to be sorry for and tells him that he saved her daughter's life. Matthew suggests that Rochelle's boss would surely have allowed her to take the day off if the nursery fell through, but Rochelle explains that she is not on a proper contract, so her job could have been given to someone else. Fenisha assures Rochelle that they are not judging her as a mother and focuses on the fact that no harm was done. After Fenisha and Matthew leave, Frank decides to stay with Rochelle, claiming that he is pretty sure that he does not have a job to go back to.

Outside, Matthew tells Fenisha that he will call social services on account of the incident involving Isla and Rochelle's poorly managed health, and explains that they can give Rochelle support. Fenisha accepts Matthew's rationale and decides to break the news to Rochelle. Ethan returns with Bodhi, so Fenisha can say goodbye to Bodhi before Ethan leaves with him, and he is horrified to hear about Fenisha's actions at the construction site.

Fenisha assures Rochelle that social services will work to keep her and Isla together, but Fenisha urges Rochelle to consider her circumstances and suggests approaching her boss about flexible working hours. Rochelle claims that it is not that simple because the business itself is in trouble. As Frank leaves, Fenisha notices Ethan waiting outside.

Ethan tells Fenisha that he knows about what happened at the building site and castigates her for being irresponsible. Fenisha defends her actions and criticises Ethan for lecturing her about being a good parent when he dropped Bodhi. Fenisha immediately regrets her words and apologises, but Ethan agrees that it is Fenisha's life and leaves with Bodhi.

Matthew assures the Hide family that he cannot find anything that Rash has missed and promises to discuss Ollie's case with some old colleagues to find possible causes for his condition. David and Rosa apologise to Ollie for getting him caught up in their "unpleasantness" and assure him that they do love each other, but Rosa becomes distressed and leaves without her handbag. Ollie quietly asks David if he could have a word with Rosa and explains that Rosa has become increasingly obsessed with him and his similarities to Gabriel. David promises to speak to Rosa, but he notices a box of citalopram in her handbag.

After telling Brian about Isla and Rochelle's diabetes, Frank returns to Rochelle with Brian. Brian assures Rochelle that she could have approached him about her issues without the fear of losing her job, and he praises Frank for his selflessness. Brian presents Rochelle with the yield of a whip-round and tells her and Frank that they all need to look out for each other, especially given the pandemic.

A sceptical David calls St James' and is mortified to learn that there were no training courses scheduled.

Rash finishes gluing a wound Fenisha sustained during the demolition and tells her that Ethan reproached her about risking her life for Isla because he cares about her a lot. Fenisha scoffs and insists that Rash is wrong as Ethan cannot wait to marry her off to Matthew, but Rash explains that Ethan is scared about her, Bodhi and the future, and is prepared to do anything for her. Fenisha is still sceptical, so Rash tells her that Ethan loves her and just wants her to be happy, and asks Fenisha what she wants. Fenisha is shocked by Rash's revelation, but Matthew comes to collect her for their date. Fenisha agrees to meet Matthew outside once she has changed, but Fenisha receives a heartwarming photo from Ethan showing him and Bodhi wearing Fourth Doctor costumes and a message from him apologising for being "an idiot".

David overhears Ollie loudly refusing a drink from Rosa and panics, telling Rosa to get it away from him. Rosa insists that it is just water, but David tells Rash that Rosa was trying to force the drink down Ollie's throat. Rash urges David to calm down and think about what he is saying, but David doubles down and demands to know where Rosa really was earlier that day and what the pills she has in her bag are. Rosa admits that she visited her GP because she needed someone to talk to, and her GP prescribed her antidepressants. David berates Rosa for not opening up to him about her depression and lying, and demands to know what else she has been hiding. Despite Rash's protests, David accuses Rosa of deliberately harming Ollie. Ollie is stunned, and Rosa firmly denies poisoning Ollie, but David wants to know how Gabriel "really" died. Rosa affirms that Gabriel was her "world", but David is unmoved and tells her to go, leaving Rash shocked and Ollie totally overwhelmed.


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