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This article covers a real-world subject which should not be taken as part of the Holby universe.

Episode 1207 of Casualty is the 26th episode of the show's 35th series. It was directed by John Maidens and written by Stephen McAteer.


Faith discovers that Lev has taken a large sum of money out of their account and calls him out of concern; he cryptically claims to be "dealing with it". Faith tracks Lev down near the Caf 08 café where the incident with Sam Richards took place. Lev finds Sam and offers him £1,000 to drop the assault charges against him, but Sam is unmoved and asks for £,5000 instead. However, Sam is suddenly hit by a car which crashes into a billboard. Using his belt as a tourniquet, Lev manages to stem an arterial bleed in Sam's leg and drag him to safety seconds before the billboard collapses. At the emergency department, Faith tells a reluctant Lev that she spoke to Xander about the previous incident with Sam and urges him to tell the police that he is gay and the victim of a hate crime. However, Lev is convinced that the police think he attacked Sam, and Sam threatens to blame Lev for his injuries if he does not receive £10,000 in compensation. In private, Faith tells Lev that they are stuck until he finally comes out, and the two tearfully embrace when Lev finally admits that he is gay. Faith agrees to accompany a frightened Lev when he speaks to the police, but, when Lev returns home to meet with Faith, he is confronted by his father Anton who has come to visit him and his family, and Lev urges Faith not to tell Anton about his sexuality.

Vanessa Lytton — the hospital's former CEO — has been admitted to the ED and claims to have reformed since her brief time in charge. Tina notices scratches on Vanessa's arm and begins to suspect that Vanessa's husband and carer Mike has been abusing her when he takes her phone. Furthermore, when Mike collapses, his X-ray reveals a haemothorax and many historical and recent fractures, and his claims begin to not add up. When Tina and Rash confronts Vanessa with their suspicions, Vanessa vehemently denies being hurt by Mike, prompting Tina to explain that she was once in an abusive relationship which caused her to end up in hospital. When Vanessa refutes Mike's lie about regularly playing rugby, Rash realises that Mike is the victim, and Mike admits that Vanessa berated him and hit him with her walking stick when he tried to help her with her balance. Vanessa begins to come to terms with her actions but insists that she can still change, so Mike agrees to help her seek professional help. Rash praises Tina for bravely sharing her abuse story, but he is staggered when Tina claims to have embellished her story to move Vanessa. Charlie praises Rash and Tina's teamwork and decides to put them together more often.

Charlie treats a man named Tom Burich who accuses him of having an online affair with his wife Gayle. Confused, Charlie denies Tom's accusations and, when Tom claims that his relationship with Gayle is struggling, urges him to do something about. Tom is convinced that Charlie is not responsible and sends him the messages which contain his face and personal information. Tina explains that someone is using his identity to catfish women, but she dissaudes Charlie from speaking to the police, as she claims that the catfish has not commited a crime. Charlie asks Tina to keep the situation between them and questions what sort of person would do such a thing.

Meanwhile, Dylan is pulled up by Hanssen for slacking in his duties as acting clinical lead — a job Dylan did not actually want.


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