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Episode 1211 of Casualty is the 30th and final episode of the show's 35th series. It was directed by Matt Hilton and written by Ed Sellek.


A suddenly enthusiastic Matthew leads Fenisha to his car and suggests that taking her to the wedding may be a good thing as he has something to tell her. When Matthew declares his love for her, Fenisha is disgusted and gets out of the car. Matthew doubles down and encourages her to run away with him, but Fenisha affirms her love for Ethan and berates Matthew for his poor timing. Matthew eventually backs down, and Fenisha accepts his offer of a lift to the wedding with no strings attached. However, at a railway crossing, Matthew swerves to avoid Lev's car and crashes through the crossing gate.

Matthew manages to get out of the car mostly unscathed, while Lev rushes to free Fenisha who is trapped. With a train approaching, Lev and Matthew frantically try to get Fenisha out of the car until Matthew finally manages to open the door on Fenisha's side and pull her out mere seconds before the train collides with the car. Lev manages to get out of the train's path just in time, but he is suddenly struck by a second train that sends him flying. Fenisha has been injured by shrapnel from the collision, but she urges Matthew to stay with Lev who still has a pulse. Paramedics and the police soon arrive, and Fenisha is moved onto an ambulance. Ethan, who has just been given good news by his Huntington's consultant, arrives at the scene and tends to Lev, who has sustained a depressed skull fracture.

At the wedding venue, the guests are confused by Ethan, Fenisha and Rash failing to make appearances. While Charlie and Jan sample the organic rhubarb wine on offer, Faith arrives at the wedding and expresses her pride in Lev for going to the police and being honest about his sexuality. Meanwhile, Tina grows increasingly frustrated at Jacob for leaving her alone while he chats to his friends. Jacob feels like he has upset her and points out her constant anger, but Tina projects her feelings onto him and decides to leave. Word soon gets out about the incident, and the party begins to make their way back to the emergency department. Tina returns to Jacob, asking what is going on, and he embraces her. Upon arriving at the ED, Jan, who had drunkenly disparaged Fenisha at the reception, tells Pen and Ashley that Fenisha is brilliant and promises to tell her that as soon as she gets the opportunity.

At the emergency department, Fenisha is taken into resus 1, and she complains of pain in her chest; an ultrasound shows that Fenisha has haemopericardium. Fenisha soon arrests, forcing Dylan to perform a thoracotomy and release the blood in Fenisha's pericardium. However, Dylan's intervention does not work. Meanwhile, in resus 3, Ethan and Rash try to resuscitate Lev, but his injuries appear non-survivable. Ethan refuses to give up, so Rash volunteers to get Dylan. Rash tells Dylan and the resus team that Lev is dead but is still being treated, but Dylan tells Rash that he is treating Fenisha and asks if Ethan is aware. Rash informs Ethan, who has finally given up trying to revive Lev, that Fenisha is being treated by Dylan, and Ethan rushes to the other unit. There, Ethan is notified of Fenisha's injuries and regrets not being with her. Realising that Fenisha has no chance of recovering, Ethan instructs the team to stop treating her and declares her dead.

After Dylan breaks the news to Pen and Ashley, Pen urges Ethan not to leave Fenisha alone. In resus 3, a heartbroken Faith insists on telling the children, but Iain tells her that she needs to deal with Lev's death first and be with her husband. Sitting with Fenisha, Ethan laments his belief that he would die first and informs her of his consultant's news — his deterioration is not as bad as previously thought, and he has years ahead of him. Regardless of the news given to him, Ethan realised that he would be fine with any life he had as long as he was with Fenisha; she is now gone, and Ethan has lost the only life he wanted.

During a happier time, not long before Ethan and Fenisha's wedding, Ethan visits Fenisha at the ambulance station to practise their dance for the big day, while Jan and Lev — visiting the station in spite of his suspension — watch on.


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