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Template:EpisodeBoxNewThe seventh episode of series 32 is the 1055th episode of Casualty overall. The episode was directed by Carolina Giammetta and written by Claire Miller.


Connie's PET scan results come back and confirm the presence of a cardiac tumour with a concerning possibility of malignancy. After she receives a message from Grace about staying with her over Christmas, she weighs her options. Ethan, still intrigued by her supposed cardiac patient, offers his thoughts on different courses of treatment which hit a little bit too close to home. At the end of the day, Connie contacts her consultant to inform him that she will not be going ahead with treatment.

Elsewhere, Sanosi runs away after overhearing Dylan and David arguing over his future. When they find Sanosi injured, they decide to take him to the ED but become agitated when Louise shows an interest in his case. They race to have him treated as to not arouse suspicion but, when Louise finds a food token written in French in his pocket, Sanosi begins to look a lot more familiar.

Meanwhile, Lily continues to feel uneasy about Iain and Sam's playful friendship, whereas Elle and Marty's relationship continues to strengthen. Alicia's driving skills begin to improve by leaps and bounds. Template:Series 32

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