Eve was a strict but fair senior nurse with deep religious convictions. Her manner could be quite abrasive, but she cared deeply about her team of nurses; as shown by her dogged determination to get to the bottom of what had happened to make Staff Nurse Tina suddenly decide to leave the A&E department. Once Eve found out about Tina's rape she offered her full support, even having Tina stay at her home while she recovered. In the course of her time in the department Eve became a volunteer bringing medical care to Romania alongside a minister called Gerry. In the process she became involved with an illegal Romanian immigrant, Marius, and, as was later revealed to her work colleagues, she and Marius secretly married. Her colleagues became worried when they realised it was not quite a love match, and that Eve was trying to find Marius a job within the A&E. When Marius returned to Romania, Eve was devastated as she had become convinced he was 'the one'.

When Gerry was diagnosed with cancer, it was Eve who treated him in his final hours during the course of which he admitted he could never have started his mission for the homeless in Holby without her. SHO Sean made the effort to prescribe Gerry enough morphine to last over a couple of days but Eve took the decision to give Gerry the whole lot at once to relieve his suffering. The arrival of Gerry's sister to make amends after a falling out with her brother forced Eve to realise she had made a terrible mistake. Eve never overcame her guilt and eventually walked out of the A&E, mid-shift, to continue the work at Gerry's mission.

Behind the scenes

Barbara Marten played Eve Montgomery on Casualty from 1997 until 1999.

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