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Ewart Plimmer (1920s/1930s7 October 1988) was a consultant in emergency medicine and the clinical assistant of Holby City Hospital's emergency department until his death in 1988.


Early life

During his time at school, Ewart was unpopular on account of him being overweight and was always the last child picked for sports teams. (CAS: "High Noon")

In 1966, Ewart married a woman named Ros. Over the years, Ewart's dedication to his job and problems surrounding the upbringing of their daughter Gillian resulted in them drifting further and further apart. (CAS: "Jump Start") By 1985, Ros was forced to take diazepam due to her declining mental state. Unable to cope with living with Ewart and Ros, Gillian decided to leave home. (CAS: "Teeny Poppers")

Fighting for the casualty department

On 6 September 1986, Ewart was confronted by Norman ParkerHolby City Hospital's director — about reports of medical equipment from other areas of the hospital being stolen and later found in the emergency department and warned that he had six months to prove that the night shift was worth preserving otherwise he would recommend the Department of Health and Social Security to close it down. That night, following a parathion leakage at East Docks which resulted in a man's death, Ewart acknowledged that the incident supported his cause as it highlighted the importance of smaller emergency departments. (CAS: "Gas")

The following week, Norman dispatched DHSS inspector Bob Bates to the ED to carry out a "spot check". In the wake of the impending closure of the Moorshead, Ewart was keen to avoid having Bob speak to porter Kuba Trzcinski; the two ultimately came into contact, and Kuba unknowingly exposed Ewart's equipment theft and the night shift staff's general lack of morale. In Ewart's office, Bob argued that the department was overstretched, but Ewart opposed the idea of centralising Holby's emergency departments, contending that Holby City Hospital was one of its local community's backbones. In the staff room, Ewart accepted responsibility for the mistake with Bob but urged his colleagues to keep each other informed. However, he was quickly notified about Ros entering his office. There, she told him that she felt he was too attached to his work and left him. (CAS: "Hide and Seek")

On 20 September, charge nurse Charlie Fairhead took issue with the DHSS potentially withholding the contents of Bob Bates' report from the public eye and proposed submitting a report to the National Union of Public Employees about the "complete lack of consultation"; Ewart asserted that the DHSS would most likely keep the report confidential regardless, but he was willing to "fight". However, behind Ewart's back, Charlie contacted the London Evening Star about the department's permanent night shift. (CAS: "Night Runners") The week after, Ewart was displeased to be approached by Harry Horner, a reporter for the Star, and to learn that Charlie had spoken to the press about the night shift; Ewart believed that Harry had ulterior motives and branded Charlie as "naive". (CAS: "Jump Start")

The next day, Ewart was furious when the Star published a hit piece on the department after Charlie had an extremely-drunk and fully-clothed Harry hosed down in the shower room. Charlie argued that Harry's comments about staff nurse Clive King "reeking of booze" were accurate and claimed that Clive was no longer dependable; Ewart asserted that the department could not afford to lose Clive. Later that day, Ewart forgave Charlie for the article as the bad press after maintenance workers were sent to the ED in the wake of the bad press. (CAS: "Blood Brothers")

On 18 October, Ewart complained to the district health authority about Medical Hygiene & Care Services breaching their contract with the hospital by failing to clean the crash room for two days. Rose Sherman, the company's managing director, accepted responsibility for the error, but she decided to fire Millie Benson, a cleaner who had worked in the ED for ten years. Rose later informed Ewart that her company was planning to propose privatising the rest of the hospital's ancillary services to the DHA and asked Ewart to intercede with the authority on her behalf. (CAS: "Professionals") While having dinner together, Ewart refused to support the porterage contract. (CAS: "Crazies")

In November, a drunken Gillian was admitted to the ED. Gillian blamed Ewart and Ros' "lack of feeling" for her walking out on them; an emotional Ewart apologised for the "utterly pointless, useless way it's turned out". (CAS: "Moonlight Becomes You...") The following week, Gillian visited Ewart in the ED, but he was preoccupied with his work; Gillian ultimately decided to leave prematurely, (CAS: "Teeny Poppers")


Twenty-seven years following his death, Ewart was remembered by a comotosed Charlie Fairhead and their first interaction at the Emergency Departure back in the 1970s. (CAS: "A Child's Heart - Part One")

Behind the scenes

Bernard Gallagher portrayed Ewart in Casualty from 1986 until 1988. The character made an appearance in a flashback sequence in the 2015 episode "A Child's Heart - Part One", where he was portrayed by an unknown actor.