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Ewart Plimmer (died 7 October 1988) was a consultant in emergency medicine who worked in the emergency department of Holby City Hospital until his death in 1988.


Fighting for the night shift

On 6 September 1986, Ewart was confronted by Norman Parker — a Holby City Hospital manager — about reports of medical equipment from other areas of the hospital being stolen and later found in the emergency department, and warned that he had six months to prove that the night shift was worth preserving otherwise he would recommend the Department of Health and Social Security to close it down. That night, following a parathion leakage at East Docks which resulted in a man's death, Ewart acknowledged that the incident supported his cause as it highlighted the importance of smaller emergency departments. (CAS: "Gas")



Kuba Trzcinski

In September 1986, Kuba confided in Ewart about his interest in Miss Clements from the radiography department. (CAS: "Gas")

Baz Samuels

In September 1986, after nearly hitting Ewart with her car outside the hospital, Baz pressed him to sort out her references so she did not have to continue working the night shift; Ewart assured her that she would "escape" soon. (CAS: "Gas")

Behind the scenes

Bernard Gallagher portrayed Ewart in Casualty from 1986 until 1988. The character made an appearance in a flashback sequence in the 2015 episode "A Child's Heart - Part One", where he was portrayed by an unknown actor.

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