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Ewart Plimmer (died 7 October 1988) was a Consultant in emergency medicine that led the Emergency department at Holby City Hospital from 1986 to 1988.

Time in the emergency department (1986-88)

Ewart was the inspiration behind the night shift when it began in 1986. The old man with the white moustache was a friend to his staff but could be very stern and short tempered with administrators. He rarely got involved in clinical work, but did from time to time get his hands 'dirty'. He would often sit alone in his office listening to his walkman. However, his dedication to saving the department put a strain on his relationship with his wife and daughter.

In November 1986, a drunk teenager is brought in after a party and is sick over Megan. She won’t talk and is revealed to be Gillian; Ewart’s daughter. She is upset about how distant her family have become. A week later, she arrives to see Ewart, but he is busy. She waits in the staff room where she chats with Megan, before leaving upset, without speaking to him. Megan suggests to Ewart he should ring her, but he says he hasn’t found the time.

From September 1987, Ewart continues his campaign to bring back the night shift after the Emergency department only deals with emergencies from 9-5. He then met new administrator Elizabeth Straker initially with conflict but then started to date her. A month later, Ewart's wife Ros divorced him because of unresolved differences. In December 1987, Ewart suffered a mild heart attack and is visited in hospital by his ex wife and his new love interest Elizabeth. By early 1988, Elizabeth took off to America fed up of Ewart being 'married to Casualty.'

Her replacement, Valerie Sinclair was soon at loggerheads with Ewart over the closing of the observation ward. Ewart got his way and ironically, in the very place that he'd been fighting to keep open, he suffered a second heart attack and died, just minutes after comforting a distraught Megan. The staff mourned and it was left to Charlie to take over the helm of running the department.

Behind the scenes

Bernard Gallagher played Ewart Plimmer in Casualty from 1986 until 1988. He was also featured in Charlie's mind as a flashback on the 29th August 2015 but was uncredited.