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"Exiles" is the 149th episode of Casualty and the 21st episode of the 9th series. It has a similar name to the series 29 episode "Exile" which saw Charlie and Connie go on a mission in Bucharest.


A college student collapses and the staff are informed that her boyfriend died recently; Eddie realises she has Guillain–Barré syndrome. An ice hockey player worries when his estranged wife appears; he is injured during a clash on the pitch and his wife tries to take their son back to Canada in the confusion. She tells Rachel that her husband disappeared with their son while she was recovering from alcoholism; he agrees to quit the sport and attempt to reconcile with her. A young runaway couple try to rob an off license but are disturbed by customers and the man is impaled on a fence. His girlfriend rings the hospital for help and Charlie eventually manages to win her trust and arrange to pick them up for Josh and Liz. The police have asked the hospital to look out for the couple, meaning they are arrested, but she is still grateful to Charlie. Charlie confides in Kate about his history with Baz.

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