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"Facing Up" is the 216th episode of Casualty and the 16th episode of the 12th series.


It is the day of the interviews for the CN post and Sam and Sunny, wanting Mark to get the job, sabotage the external candidates by telling them that Elliot, who has a cold, will sneeze if he dislikes them. Charlie and Baz are both on the panel, but with things frosty between them Charlie spends his break with personnel officer Zoe Garrard. Mark messes up his interview when a question about a colleague causing a patient's death causes him to believe they know about his experience in medical school. A store Santa comes in with back pains. Richard wants to keep him in when he has blood in his urine but Tina learns he put it there himself, since the store is about to replace him. Richard throws him out but Eve gets him a job as Santa on a children's ward. Brian and his teenage son Liam are moving in with his fiancé Roz. Brian goes into the garage to see his pet rat but accidentally starts a fire by spilling petrol and paint on a fan heater and is trapped inside. Brian tries to rescue him but is overcome by fumes. Josh and Penny rescue Liam by driving the ambulance into the garage but Brian dies of smoke inhalation. Roz blames Liam and refuses to have anything to do with him. Josh visits Liam in hospital, having become attached to him. At the staff Christmas party, Elliot announces Eve has the job. Mark and George share a kiss.Template:Series 12

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