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Faith Cadogan is an advanced clinical practitioner who works in the emergency department of Holby City Hospital.


Early life

At some point, Faith married paramedic Lev Malinovsky and had three children — Natalia, Ana and Luka. (CAS: Episode 1156, Episode 1158)

Joining the emergency department

Faith began working in Holby City Hospital's emergency department on 28 December 2019 — the day F1 Mason Reede was found dead in a store cupboard. (CAS: Episode 1155) To help boost the morale of her new colleagues, Faith offered them pep talks. (CAS: Episode 1156)

Luka's brain tumour

On 18 January 2020, Luka sustained a head laceration and a sprained wrist after falling from Ana's bed, and Faith took him to the ED. Although Luka's physical symptoms were treated, consultant Dylan Keogh was concerned about Luka's development and poor vision and sent him for a CT scan. To Faith's horror, the results showed the presence of a brain tumour. (CAS: Episode 1158) On 1 February, after Luka underwent a series of pre-op scans, it was confirmed that the tumour was malignant and situated around his brainstem. (CAS: Episode 1160)

Later that month, Faith was delighted when Zsa Zsa Harper-Jenkinson — an eminent neurosurgeon and close friend of Dylan's — agreed to operate on Luka. (CAS: Episode 1163) On 29 February, Zsa Zsa operated on Luka and ostensibly removed the entire tumour. However, she soon discovered additional tissue and was unable to remove any of it. Zsa Zsa informed Faith that Luka was likely going to undergo chemotherapy but warned her that it was not always effective in cases such as his. (CAS: Episode 1164)


On the hospital floor, Faith is a highly competent medic and seldom requires prompting from her senior colleagues. (CAS: Episode 1155) She is admittedly "quite bossy", (CAS: Episode 1163) but she is very caring towards her family and colleagues. She started working at Holby City ED the day F1 Mason Reede was found dead in a store cupboard, (CAS: Episode 1155) and she tried to boost the morale of her new colleagues by giving them pep talks. (CAS: Episode 1156)

As she was used to sorting out other people's problems, (CAS: Episode 1163) Faith was thrown when her son Luka was diagnosed with cancer. (CAS: Episode 1158, Episode 1160) Wanting to remain in control as much as she could, she began rigorously researching Luka's condition, but it did nothing to ease her pain. (CAS: Episode 1163) When neurosurgeon Zsa Zsa Harper-Jenkinson arrived in Holby to operate on Luka, Faith was totally informed on the procedure and insisted on observing. However, when additional tumour was discovered, and Luka went into asystole, Faith had a panic attack and ran out of the observation room. (CAS: Episode 1164)



Lev Malinovsky

At some point, Faith married Lev and had three children — Natalia, Ana and Luka. (CAS: Episode 1156, Episode 1158)

In January 2020, after Luka was taken into the ED after a fall, Faith took issue with Lev suggesting that she was not keeping a close eye on their son, but Lev quickly apologised and assured her that she was a "great mum". When Luka's CT scan results showed that he had a brain tumour, Lev assured Faith that they would get Luka the best doctors and the best treatment. (CAS: Episode 1158)

The following month, when Lev took Faith and Luka to an ice rink, Faith believed that he was avoiding a discussion about Luka's neurology appointment later that day. After the meeting, where it was confirmed that Luka's tumour was malignant and based around his brainstem, Faith felt that Lev was in denial of the severity of Luka's condition and urged him to "face it head-on". (CAS: Episode 1160)

On 22 February, Faith tried to get Lev to attend a parents' support group meeting, but he refused and criticised her compulsion to be as informed as possible about Luka's condition. However, they were both overjoyed when Dylan informed them that neurosurgeon Zsa Zsa Harper-Jenkinson had agreed to operate on Luka. (CAS: Episode 1163) On the day of the operation, Faith and Lev watched Zsa Zsa perform the procedure and supported each other. However, when additional tumour was discovered, Faith was left embarrassed when Lev berated Zsa Zsa for failing his son. (CAS: Episode 1164)


Dylan Keogh

Following the death of Mason Reede, Faith encouraged him to take a short break and assured him that the world would not "stop turning". (CAS: Episode 1156) In January 2020, Dylan treated Faith's son Luka following a fall, and he decided to investigate Luka's neurological symptoms. After the CT scan showed that Luka had a brain tumour, Dylan booked an appointment for him with a paediatric neurologist, and Faith thanked him for helping Luka. (CAS: Episode 1158)

After Luka was diagnosed with brain cancer, Faith confided in Dylan about her struggle to deal with the situation. Wanting to help Faith and Luka, Dylan contacted Zsa Zsa Harper-Jenkinson — an esteemed neurosurgeon and close friend — and she agreed to operate on Luka. Faith was delighted and thanked Dylan for the gesture, and he claimed that it was a "pleasure". (CAS: Episode 1163) On the day of the operation, Dylan found Faith reeling in the relatives' room after Zsa Zsa had discovered additional tumour; she insisted that she could not face returning to the observation room, but Dylan told her that she had been "so brave" and convinced her to return to Luka. (CAS: Episode 1164)

Behind the scenes

Faith was originally revealed in Casualty's 2019 winter trailer which was released on 5 December. Despite appearing in the trailer, Kirsty Mitchell's casting as Faith was not officially announced until a few days after its release.

Not a stranger to the Holby universe, Mitchell previously portrayed psychiatrist Anita Forbes on Holby City in 2003 and relative Gina Wilson in the 2015 Casualty episode "The Road Not Taken".

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