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Faith Cadogan is an advanced clinical practitioner who works in the emergency department of Holby City Hospital.


Early life

In 2002, (CAS: Episode 1179) Faith married paramedic Lev Malinovsky and had three children — Natalia, Ana and Luka. (CAS: Episode 1156, Episode 1158)

Joining the emergency department

Faith began working in Holby City Hospital's emergency department on 28 December 2019 — the day F1 Mason Reede was found dead in a store cupboard. (CAS: Episode 1155) To help boost the morale of her new colleagues, Faith offered them pep talks. (CAS: Episode 1156)

Luka's cancer diagnosis

On 18 January 2020, Luka sustained a head laceration and a sprained wrist after falling from Ana's bed, and Faith took him to the ED. Although Luka's physical symptoms were treated, consultant Dylan Keogh was concerned about Luka's development and poor vision and sent him for a CT scan. To Faith's horror, the results showed the presence of a brain tumour. (CAS: Episode 1158) On 1 February, after Luka underwent a series of pre-op scans, it was confirmed that the tumour was malignant and situated around his brainstem. (CAS: Episode 1160)

Later that month, Faith was delighted when Zsa Zsa Harper-Jenkinson — an eminent neurosurgeon and close friend of Dylan's — agreed to operate on Luka. (CAS: Episode 1163) On 29 February, Zsa Zsa operated on Luka and ostensibly removed the entire tumour. However, she soon discovered additional tissue and was unable to remove any of it. Zsa Zsa informed Faith that Luka was likely going to undergo chemotherapy but warned her that it was not always effective in cases such as his. (CAS: Episode 1164)

In March, Faith disagreed with Lev over their approach to Luka's situation; Faith believed that it should not be "all doom and gloom" and wanted Luka to continue attending social events, whereas Lev insisted on focusing on the chemotherapy and even reprimanded Luka for wanting to play instead of resting. To Faith's delight, Lev later changed his perspective on Luka's illness and even got Luka's favourite graffiti artist to meet and play with Luka. (CAS: Episode 1167)

Blossoming relationship with Dylan

On 4 April, after learning that Faith was a fan of tea biscuits, Dylan gave her one that came with his coffee. Later that day, Faith invited Dylan out for a drink; Dylan eagerly accepted, but he changed his mind as soon as Faith revealed that Lev was joining them. (CAS: Episode 1168) The following week, Dylan tried to maintain a professional distance by lying to Faith that she was scheduled to work in cubicles, but his attempts were unsuccessful. Faith commented on Dylan's unusual mood and offered herself up for a heart-to-heart if he needed one; Dylan dismissed her concerns, putting his mood down to his personality. (CAS: Episode 1169)

On 23 May, Mick Baxter — the father of a patient named Connor — entered resus with a gun and held Faith, Dylan, Connie Beauchamp and Charlie Fairhead hostage. When Connor's social worker Ruth, who Mick had shot earlier that day, began to bleed out, Faith berated him for his selfishness after he refused to allow the medics to treat her, prompting Mick to pin her against a wall in anger; Charlie managed to convince Mick to allow Ruth to be treated. While retrieving a bag of blood, Faith pocketed a syringe and attacked Mick with it, but her attempt at subduing him was unsuccessful, and Dylan was shot in the arm while pulling her away. Once they were released, Faith visited Dylan while his wound was treated, and was shocked to hear Dylan admitting that he had feelings for her. (CAS: Episode 1173)

Dylan comforts Faith as she laments her son's inevitable demise. (CAS: Episode 1176)

In June, Faith increasingly felt that Lev was becoming distant, and was troubled by him constantly pretending that everything was fine. When she received a set of MRI scan results which showed that the chemotherapy did not affect Luka's tumour, Faith decided to contact Dylan — the only person she felt she could turn to — instead and asked him to the hospital. Faith opened up to Dylan about the tension between her and Lev, but Dylan was disinterested and tried to leave, prompting Faith to tell him about Luka's scan results and break down. Once she had calmed down, she told Dylan that she did not "want to this without [him] there", and Dylan agreed to support her "as a friend". (CAS: Episode 1176)

Lev's infidelity

On 20 June, Luka's neurologist, Sian Bowen, informed Faith and Lev that Luka's cancer was terminal. The couple asked about Luka potentially undergoing proton beam therapy, but Sian claimed that Luka's metastases made him ineligible. Nevertheless, Faith continued researching the treatment and, with the help of F2 Rashid Masum, found an example of a case in Germany of a child with metastases similar to Luka's being effectively treated with PBT. After passing the research onto Sian, Sian agreed to recommend Luka for the PBT, much to Faith's delight.

Later that day, Dylan witnessed Lev kissing another man at the ambulance station. (CAS: Episode 1177) The following week, Dylan confronted Lev with what he saw; Lev asserted that he regretted his actions and pleaded with Dylan not to tell Faith. (CAS: Episode 1178) However, in July, Dylan made a derisive sound while Faith remarked about her marriage with Lev, and Faith demanded to know what Dylan knew. Dylan told Faith what he saw at the ambulance station, but Faith refused to believe him and accused Dylan of having ulterior motives. (CAS: Episode 1179)

In July, as cases of COVID-19 began to rise, Faith decided to stay at home with Luka while Lev agreed to continue working and live elsewhere to protect their son from getting infected. (CAS: Episode 1182) In October, Lev moved back in, but Faith noticed Lev acting suspiciously after telling him about Dylan's accusation and discovered that Dylan was telling the truth. Lev insisted that it was a mistake and that he was not thinking straight, but Faith was devastated at the prospect that her relationship with her husband was built on a lie. Lev begged Faith not to "give up on [their] family". Faith contemplated calling Dylan, but she decided not to. (CAS: Episode 1183)

Ambulance crash

Faith admits her love to Dylan while trapped in the teetering ambulance. (CAS: Episode 1185)

In November, Faith and Dylan were asked by Connie Beauchamp to transfer an anaesthetised patient to St James' Hospital. Faith apologised to Dylan for calling him a liar but was suspicious of his motive for telling her about Lev's rendezvous with Xander. However, after being offered a lift home by paramedic Pravi Lakhani, a lorry crashed into the ambulance, leaving it teetering over the edge of a bay. Dylan managed to free himself and anchor the ambulance with rope, but Faith suspected that she had sustained internal bleeding. While trying to retrieve Faith from the back of the ambulance, Dylan explained that he told her about Lev because he believed that she deserved someone with honesty. When his attempts at trying to rescue Faith failed, Dylan admitted his love for her, and she reciprocated. After tracking Faith's phone with an app, Lev arrived at the scene and managed to rescue Faith seconds before the ambulance fell into the bay. (CAS: Episode 1185)

While Faith recovered at the hospital, Lev suggested that they move on, but Faith argued that, as he slept with another man, he did not know who he really was, and nothing was going to change until he did. Later, after Faith was treated for a pulmonary embolism, she informed Lev that she was going to stay with her mother while she recovered. (CAS: Episode 1187) However, in December, her mother pressured her to return home after Lev implied that their children had been crying themselves to sleep because of her absence. When Faith gave Lev the opportunity to explain himself, he insisted that he was not gay and that their marriage was genuine. Later, Faith told Dylan that she wanted to save her marriage and turned down his offer of dinner. (CAS: Episode 1188)

One-night stand with Dylan

Later that month, rumours began circulating the department about Faith and Dylan's interest in each other. When Lev angrily confronted Dylan after discovering that he had booked a viewing of a family home, and threatened to kill him, Faith was forced to leave Marty Kirkby, to whom she was giving lessons about becoming an ACP, alone to glue a patient's wound, which resulted in him accidentally gluing her eye shut. (CAS: Episode 1190)

In March 2021, Faith and Lev decided to attend marriage counselling, but Faith continued to struggle with her lack of trust in Lev and suspected that he arranged to go on a date with a "hunky" male firefighter. At the ambulance station, Faith began undressing and demanded that Lev prove his heterosexuality by having sex with her then and there; when Lev refused to, Faith declared their marriage to be over. That evening, Faith visited Dylan at his houseboat (CAS: Episode 1192) and slept with him. Faith felt "light and free" after her night with Dylan, but she confronted him after receiving a call from his AA sponsor Reg and forced him to disclose that he was a recovering alcoholic. Later that day, Faith's daughter Natalia, who she pocket-dialled while with Dylan, was admitted to the ED after taking synthetic cannabinoids, and Faith demanded that Connie take over from Dylan in treating her. Once Natalia was stabilised, Faith assured her that her and her siblings were all that mattered to her and would always come first. Dylan criticised Faith for humiliating him in resus and asserted that her being at home was "killing" her, but Faith maintained that her children would always be her priority and accused him as being as dishonest as Lev in regards to his alcoholism. Faith promptly decided that them being together would never work, devastating Dylan. (CAS: Episode 1193)


In April, Faith and Lev agreed to a divorce, but Faith took issue with Lev allowing their children to believe that Faith's one-night stand with Dylan was the sole cause. On 17 April, Faith decided to contact the mother of her patient, James Kershaw, without his consent which worsened the situation when James revealed, to his mother Marie's horror, that he was struggling with paedophilic thoughts. After Lev coldly dismissed Faith's concerns about James' safety after he disappeared, Faith asserted that his bitterness was a result of "years and years of denial" and publicly urged him to accept his homosexuality, inadvertently outing him to their colleagues. As a result of her actions, clinical nurse manager Jacob Masters informed Faith that she had to take mandatory leave. (CAS: Episode 1196)


  • Before becoming a nurse, Faith was afraid of needles. She managed to overcome her fear by treating herself to a biscuit after successfully administering an injection. (CAS: Episode 1168)

Behind the scenes

Faith was originally revealed in Casualty's 2019 winter trailer which was released on 5 December. Despite appearing in the trailer, Kirsty Mitchell's casting as Faith was not officially announced until a few days after its release.

Not a stranger to the Holby universe, Mitchell previously portrayed psychiatrist Anita Forbes on Holby City in 2003 and relative Gina Wilson in the 2015 Casualty episode "The Road Not Taken".