"Falling - Part One" is the 42nd episode of the 28th series of Casualty. It was preceded by "Unhinged" and followed by "Falling - Part Two".


A horrific helicopter accident involving a family results in Zoe attending the scene of the accident. After the area is deemed unsafe, Zoe is left trapped in the helicopter with one of the patients. When both are rescued, the female patient dies when Zoe defends the ED to the press and media, who are present due to last week's events. Distraught, Zoe steps down from Clinical lead leading to Connie's promotion. Connie takes the position of Clinical lead and vows to make changes, although insisting that Zoe remains as a consultant. Meanwhile, Lily overhears Cal badmouthing her to Fletch, leading to Ethan punching Cal outside the ED.

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