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"Falling - Part Two" is the 43rd episode of the 28th series of Casualty. It was preceded by "Falling - Part One" and followed by "In the Name of Love". This episode was the second episode of a two-parter, and marked the final appearance of Adrian "Fletch" Fletcher. He returned as a character on Holby City in August 2014, less than two months after "Falling, Part Two" aired.


The damage that metal thieves placed on a train track has horrific outcomes, after a piece of metal is left blocking the track. The train that Tess is on crashes, and when Fletch realises this, he sacrifices everything to save her.

Connie starts her first shift as Clinical Lead and Lily and Ethan make up, while Cal remains out of the picture. After his wife, Natalie breaks up with him, Fletch goes back in to the resus area hoping Tess would have him back but she refuses knowing what he did to Natalie.

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