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"Family Ties" is the 120th episode of Casualty and the 16th episode of the 8th series. It featured the first appearance of Rachel Longworth.


Ash is promoted to charge nurse, while Charlie confronts Jane about the closure rumours; she claims the hospital is simply being downgraded. A woman is visited by a debt collector who offers to clear the debt if she sleeps with him: She pushes him down some stairs then jumps into the docks. Josh rescues her and she berates her son for wasting their money. A mother brings her young son in, saying he isn't breathing; Mike realises she is hurting the child and gets her psychiatric help. A cricket match ends in chaos when an elderly bowler hits the batsman on the head with a ball and collapses. A woman who burnt her hair off is helped by Ash, Karen and new nurse Rachel, who help her get ready for a party with a wig. Karen falls asleep on duty because she is spending so much time studying so Mike gives her time off.

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