Fareeda Khan (died 8 September 2007) was a woman who resided in Holby. She was a victim of the 2007 Hesketh Road bombing.


On 8 September 2007, Fareeda visited a shop on Hesketh Road whilst waiting for her father Saeed to collect her. However, a bomb detonated on a nearby coach, resulting in the shop partially collapsing and her leg being severed. F2 Toby De Silva attempted to comfort her by carressing her hair, but he was left mortified when her skin sloughed off her scalp. (CAS: "My First Day") She was soon rescued from the wreckage and sent to Holby City Hospital's emergency department for urgent treatment, but she was later pronounced dead. (CAS: "Charlie's Anniversary")

Behind the scenes

Tehmina Sunny portrayed Fareeda on Casualty for two episodes in 2007.

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