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Well, I've seen lots of things change. Probably the most significant is the community we serve. It's fractured — if you'll forgive the medical pun. I don't know; does community even exist anymore? I know I'm an old socialist, but when Thatcher was in power, at least we had a common cause. An enemy to fight. But since then, things didn't get better. Society keeps crumbling. I don't know what it is. Poverty? Attitude? But it continues, and the violence escalates. It does, and we deal with the consequences right here. The blood and the guts.
Charlie Fairhead comments on the state of contemporary society.
"Farmead Menace - Part One" is the 639th episode of Casualty and the first episode of series 23. It was directed by Keith Boak and written by Mark Catley.


A documentary crew consisting of interviewer Nicola Westland and cameraman Alistair Murrell interview the staff of Holby City Hospital's emergency department for an upcoming television show. Paramedics Jeff and Dixon offer the filmmakers the chance of observing them on a shift; Nicola and Alistair claim that they had already agreed to tag along with Curtis and Snezana; they quickly change their minds when Alistair reckons that Jeff fancies Nicola. Porter Big Mac approaches them about an interview, but, feeling that Big Mac's job is not sensational another, they lie about running out of tape.

The next day, on the Farmead housing estate, schoolgirl Sammy Malone is cornered by two other girls and savagely beaten. However, she manages to escape and runs back to her house. In her room, she packs a firework into a backpack and carries it out of the house. Meanwhile, a carpooling Charlie, having already collected Noel, Ruth and Toby, waits for Tess outside her house. After Tess makes a comment about Charlie's car, the others tell her to "chill out", but she sternly reminds them about the seriousness of their jobs.

In paeds resus, while treating a young girl named Amy, Adam indirectly asks Alice for advice with convincing Jessica to leave her adulterous husband Sean, but Alice claims to not be "the expert" on relationships; this is seemingly confirmed through an awkward encounter with Curtis. However, she tells Adam that Jessica would want stability and suggests that he "grow up a bit". After Big Mac is turned down for an interview again and vents his frustration to Noel, Alistair overhears and offers Mac the opportunity for a brief one.

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