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"Farmead Menace - Part Two" is the 640th episode of Casualty and the 2nd episode of series 23. It was directed by Keith Boak and written by Mark Catley.


As Alistair prepares to interview Big Mac in the ED restroom, Big Mac explains that it is important to give the ancillary staff a voice as they are most often sidelined in favour of the doctors. However, when the camera rolls, Big Mac is lost for words.

While Curtis and Snezana take Sammy to the ED, Tess' phone rings in her pocket.

Alistairs asks Big Mac how his shift is going so far; Big Mac claims that it is "pretty quiet, really".

In resus, Adam, Toby and Ruth try to treat Joe as Mrs Treaver is moved into a nearby bay. Adam asks Toby to hold Joe's arm down while he takes blood from it, but Toby lets go and accidentally allows Joe to hit Adam.

At the scene of the accident involving Sammy, Jeff finishes giving a statement to the police and goes to console Dixie, while Nicola confirms that Alistairs captured footage of the fire and the accident. However, when local residents begin throwing bricks at the ambulance, Dixie and Jeff are ushered into the back of a police car for cover. Nicola tells Alistair to keep filming.

Ruth returns to resus and is surprised to find Joe settled; Adam claims to have sedated him. Toby tells Ruth that he has been enjoying the "graphic novels" she recommended to him, and the two start chatting. Adam quickly tires of their conversation and announces that, by the end of the day, he will find out which of the two is the better doctor. Ruth and Toby object to Adam's "divide-and-conquer" ethics, but Ruth unwittingly plays along when Adam asks for the formula for fluid resuscitation of a burns victim and she immediately answers. Zoe tells Adam to grow up, but he reminds her that she is not clinical lead anymore and criticises her decision to use therapeutic hypothermia on Mrs Treaver.

Kelsey enters resus asking for Tess, but nobody has seen her. Charlie is concerned about her uncharacteristic disappearance.

Large vans filled with riot police arrive on the Farmead estate as the violence escalates into a full-scale riot. The Malones join in with the destruction, with Callum loudly proclaiming, "Welcome to hell!"

In the restroom, Big Mac explains that, although the porters' jobs do not immediately save lives, they do help prevent the spread of deadly diseases via cleaning.

As Adam arranges to have Joe transferred to cubicles to keep an eye on his burns, Mrs Treaver arrests. Joe begs Adam and Big Mac not to move him and allow him to return home.

Noel gives Abs a note from Ellie, but he immediately throws it in the bin.

Curtis and Snezana arrive at the ED with Sammy, who has sustained multiple fractures, and take her into resus. Adam continues to quiz Toby and Ruth while treating Sammy, and Toby manages to tie his score with Ruth's. Adam asks about the vehicle that hit Sammy; Snezana explains that it was the ambulance that Dixie was driving.

In the ED staff room, Jeff brings Dixie a cup of tea and jokes that they now have some time off, but Dixie insists on making no jokes about the incident and continues watching news coverage of the riot.

Zoe and the team are unable to resuscitate Mrs Treaver and decide to call it. Adam sardonically mocks Zoe for wasting the time he spent rescuing Mrs Treaver; Zoe takes offence and suggests that perhaps he is a better doctor all round. When Adam tries to keep up appearances and talk suavely to Jessica, he begins coughing and demands that the phone that is ringing be switched off.

While Big Mac — in a voiceover — criticises the doctors for "[walking] away with all the plaudits" when a patient is saved, Zoe breaks the news to Michael about his grandmother's death. Michael is distraught and demands to see her, but he quickly breaks down and sobs.

Adam orders Toby to deal with Sammy's ringing phone, and Toby is amused to find that the caller is named Charlie. Adam continues to assess Sammy's condition and finds tracheal deviation and hyperresonance to percussion on Sammy's right side; Ruth correctly deduces that Sammy has a tension pneumothorax and gains another point. When Toby answers the phone, Charlie asks for Tess, but Toby explains that the patient is named Sammy and introduces himself. Charlie walks into resus and asks Toby why he has Tess' phone.

On Farmead, Vic tries to deescalate the situation and urges the Malones to consider the safety and property of the estate's other residents, but he ends up getting kicked in the stomach when he calls Callum an "animal".

At home, Ellie tells Joey to stop watching the riot and to return to watching TV, and watches as Ryan Malone unthinkingly vandalises his uncle's car. Ellie calls Abs and urges him to stop ignoring her calls and call her back. Through the window, she notices Vic hiding behind a bin after getting pushed over and reluctantly decides to help him.

In his interview, Big Mac decries the doctors and nurses getting all of the credit for saving lives when the porters also contribute to the survival rate, but he immediately allows them to take the blame when Alistair asks about the patients who cannot be saved.

Ellie helps a grateful Vic into her home and gives him a wet towel to soothe a cut on his face. She calls for Joey, but he is not in the living room and does not respond.

Nicola admits that she and Alistair may be "out of [their] depth" and wants to return to the ED. However, a rioter spots the camera and hits Alistair.

Charlie asks Noel to play a video of Tess that he has found on Sammy's phone. Upon witnessing the content of the video, Charlie immediately calls the police.

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