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Fenisha Khatri (died 31 July 2021) was a paramedic who worked for the Holby Ambulance Service from March 2020 to July 2021.


Early life

At some point, Fenisha went through an "emo phase". (CAS: Episode 1204)

One-night stand with Ethan

In February 2020, after previously meeting in Holby City Hospital's emergency department, Fenisha and consultant Ethan Hardy had a drink together and ended up having a one-night stand; (CAS: Episode 1163) Fenisha regretted their encounter and decided not to contact him again. (CAS: Episode 1166)

Joining the ambulance service

On 14 March, Fenisha started her first shift with the Holby Ambulance Service. One of her first patients was Peter Hawker, a man who developed psychological problems after sustaining brain damage in a motorbike crash, and had sustained a stab wound. Fenisha was shocked when consultant Will Noble discharged Peter without referring him to psych. After Peter and his sister Sonya were involved in a car crash, Fenisha managed to free Sonya from the burning car seconds before it blew up. At Holby City Hospital's emergency department, Peter overheard Will discussing a psych assessment with Sonya and lashed out, injuring Fenisha in the process. After calming down, Peter finally agreed to an assessment, but Fenisha was horrified when the psychiatrist deemed him healthy enough to avoid being sectioned. Later, after Will tended to Fenisha's injury, the two agreed to a drink. (CAS: Episode 1166)


By the end of the month, Fenisha had started dating Will. (CAS: Episode 1168) In April, Fenisha and Will began planning a holiday to Ireland, but the former discovered that she was pregnant. While Will treated Fenisha after she injured her shoulder during a shout, Fenisha refused to undergo an X-ray and revealed that she was pregnant with another man's baby. Fenisha was upset when Will failed to show his support and broke up with him. (CAS: Episode 1170)

On 18 April, when a patient named Julia, who had similar symptoms to a mother and son Fenisha had brought in earlier, began foaming at the moment, Fenisha raised the alarm about a potential nerve agent poisoning, and the ED was put into lockdown. Will demanded that Fenisha be relieved of her duties and told Ethan that she was pregnant. After learning that Will was not the father, Ethan confronted Fenisha and discovered that he was the father. That night, having overheard Fenisha and Ethan's conversation, Will angrily confronted Ethan about him sleeping with Fenisha and told the pair that they were "welcome to each other". (CAS: "Code Orange")

The following week, Fenisha informed Ethan that she was having an abortion. However, after a conversation with a nurse at the clinic, Fenisha was unsure about her decision and decided to take some time to think things through. Fenisha later decided to abandon the termination and keep the baby, but she allowed Ethan to believe that she had gone through with it. (CAS: Episode 1171)

In June, while promoting conservation courses outside Holby Comic Con, Fenisha was surprised to be greeted by Ethan who was attending the convention. When a van crashed into a stall and injured a young attendee, Fenisha was impressed by Ethan's intuition and medical skills as he performed a clamshell thoracotomy, her feelings for him began to re-emerge. Ethan believed that they could still be friends despite their one-night stand, and Fenisha agreed. (CAS: Episode 1176)

In July, after an old railway tunnel had collapsed and trapped the Holby District Youth Club, Fenisha was shocked to find Jan Jenning was leading the club and trapped with them. Once the children were freed, Jan revealed that she had been hit by debris; Fenisha recognised that Jan had developed a tension pneumothorax and successfully performed a needle decompression. After Jan was taken to the ED, Fenisha tried to tell her that she was four-months pregnant, but Jan had fallen asleep. (CAS: Episode 1179) Later that month, when cases of confirmed COVID-19 cases began to rise exponentially in Italy, Fenisha told Jan that she was asthmatic so she could shield at home and protect the baby. (CAS: Episode 1182)

In November, on Will's last day working in the ED, he asked Fenisha to accompany him to Ireland, but Fenisha revealed that she was still pregnant and that she still had feelings for Ethan. Will encouraged Ethan to talk to her, and after defending Fenisha from a violent gang member, Ethan decided to seize the opportunity and told her that he wanted to be with her. Fenisha agreed and wanted to discuss her pregnancy with him, but Ethan discovered a discharge letter for her midwife while collecting her from the ambulance station. Fenshia explained her reasons for keeping the baby, but Ethan branded her a "liar" and a "coward", and immediately abandoned the idea of being with her. (CAS: Episode 1184) The next day, Fenisha contended that the two of them could have made the situation work if he wanted to, but Ethan asserted that it was not that simple. Later, Ethan told Fenisha that he did not want to be a part of their baby's life and offered to set up a trust to support her and the baby, but Fenisha was mortified by his proposal. (CAS: Episode 1185)

Giving birth to Bodhi

In December, Fenisha encountered a homeless woman named Amber and took her to the ED for treatment. However, when Amber managed to slip out of the department, and it transpired that she had a subarachnoid haemorrhage, Fenisha was disgusted by the lack of responsibility Ethan showed towards Amber's care and his own baby, and publicly called him out. Fenisha travelled to Sheepwash Lane to search for Amber and found her snorting lines of cocaine at a makeshift camp. Fenisha chased Amber after getting rid of her drugs, but Fenisha fell down a hill, and her waters broke. When Ethan arrived at the forest, he soon found Fenisha at the bottom of the hill and tried to negotiate it, but he lost his footage and get his leg caught in a trap. After being talked through her labour, Fenisha managed to give birth to a baby boy but soon started having a seizure. Once Fenisha and the baby had been taken to the ED and stabilised, Ethan told Fenisha that he had changed his mind and wanted to help her raise the baby, but Fenisha claimed that she did not trust him to stay around and that she and her baby did not need anyone else. (CAS: Episode 1188)

Early motherhood

Fenisha decided to name her baby "Bodhi". A week after the birth, Fenisha called for an ambulance when Bodhi stopped feeding and went limp; Connie Beauchamp diagnosed Bodhi with pneumonia and treated his condition. Ethan apologised to Fenisha for his harsh words towards her and urged her to reconsider his role in Bodhi's life, but Fenisha still did not trust Ethan to be fully committed to being a father. After deciding against telling Fenisha about him having Huntington's disease, and despite Fenisha's reservations, Ethan proclaimed that he was "100% in", so Fenisha finally decided to "reset" their parenting arrangement and allowed Bodhi's middle name to be "Caleb" after Ethan's deceased brother. (CAS: Episode 1189) In March 2021, after Fenisha began having visions of Bodhi being injured, she opened up to Ethan about her struggles, prompting Ethan to suggest that she and Bodhi move in with him. She agreed to his proposal. (CAS: Episode 1192)

In April, Ethan revealed to Fenisha that he carried the Huntington's gene and warned her that there was a 50% chance of Bodhi having inherited it. Fenisha feared the prospect of losing both Ethan and Bodhi and castigated Ethan for not telling her about his condition sooner, but Ethan claimed that he wanted to spare her from the burden of knowing. After coming to terms with the revelation, Ethan and Fenisha agreed to face their uncertain future as a team, but Fenisha was still devastated. (CAS: Episode 1197)

Behind the scenes

Olivia D'Lima portrayed Fenisha in Casualty from February 2020 to August 2021.