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This article covers a real-world subject which should not be taken as part of the Holby universe.

"Finding the Words" is the 600th episode of Casualty and the 10th episode of the 22nd series. It was preceded by "As One Door Closes..." and followed by "A House Divided". The episode was directed by Alan Macmillan and written by Katharine Way and Mark Catley. It sees the departure of Josh Griffiths, portrayed by Ian Bleasdale, after 18 years on the show.


As Adam is telling the family that they could not save their son Toby bursts out laughing and is reprimanded by Adam and sent out on an observation with the paramedics. Davika is leaving for India much to Josh's disappointment as he really loves her. Meanwhile a family are walking through the woods when a car careers off the road through a field, runs down the mother and crushes the granddad into a tractor all the while with the young daughter staring on. It turns out that the driver was a drug mule and a package leaked into his stomach causing him to crash and subsequently die. The grandfather is in a very bad way and Toby tells him that he will probably die as the pressure of the tractor is keeping him alive, he later passes away and Toby faces his demons and tells the family while trying to keep his nerve. Ruth humiliates Adam as when he is trying to tell a woman her brother has died she wears a red nose trying to embarrass him, Adam asks why and she replies that if he doesn't take the blog down she will start acting like her nickname. Harry tries really hard to avoid Charlie or Tess being made redundant but is left with no choice but to let one of them go by Christmas. Josh decides that he will try and pursue this love life with Devika and jumps on the next plane to India.