Fiona Nyeman is a woman who resides in Holby.


On 19 July 2019, her transgender wife Jules went swimming during women-only hours, and Fiona confronted her, claiming that Friday lunchtimes were for "cis women" only. She threatened to throw her belongings into the pool, but Jules insisted on staying put. As she emptied the contents of her bag into the water, she promised to submerge her inhaler if she did not get out of the pool, but Jules began to experience difficulty breathing. Fiona dived in and pulled her out. She went to grab the inhaler, but she slipped and cut her hand.

They were soon taken to Holby City Hospital's emergency department, and Fiona started proposing hypotheticals to porter Gem Dean, asking if she would want to be treated by a man after being attacked by the man. When she started berating staff nurse David Hide for trying to "shut [her] down", clinical nurse manager Charlie Fairhead angrily asked for her to escorted out of resus.

In cubicles, as he vented her frustration at the transgender rights movement and Jules wanting their son George to call her "mummy", consultant Will Noble, who was examining her hand, became distracted and accidentally caused a bleed. Troubleshooter Ciaran Coulson suggested apologising to her, but she decided to file a complaint against Will.

Later, once Fiona was about to be discharged, Jules told her that she felt like a "freak" in a man's body and suggested that George would be lucky to have "two mummies". Fiona took umbrage and berated Jules for wanting to be his mother before collapsing. It soon transpired that she had a pneumothorax and was taken for an X-ray. As Will inserted a chest drain, she explained that Jules' transition changed her, and she saw life as "one big reaction". After seeing her holding their son, Fiona argued that Jules changing her identity would only confuse him and allowed her to continue transitioning. (CAS: Episode 1137)

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