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"First Impressions" is the 130th episode of Casualty and the 2nd episode of the 9th series.


New nurse Jude Kocarnik looks after a wheelchair-bound MS sufferer who asks for the morning-after pill. Jude assumes she has been raped but in fact she merely has a boyfriend her mother doesn't know about; her mother is understanding when she finds out. The police are called to a fight at a pub and a new officer stops a drunk-looking biker riding away, causing him to hit his head. The biker is later brought into hospital and dies of a cranial haemorrhage but Kate keeps quiet about the officer's involvement on learning it was unrelated to the head injury. A woman collapses at work with an asthma attack and admits she left her 10-year-old daughter at home alone; they are hiding from her abusive partner. Rachel alerts Social Services against Eddie's wishes and the pair abscond from the department. Matt controls crowds after a Holby City FC player is brought in with an injury he sustained during a match.
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