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This article covers a real-world subject which should not be taken as part of the Holby universe.

"Five Days" is the 1032nd episode of Casualty and the 28th episode of the 31st series. It was preceded by "Mobile" and followed by "Sleeping With the Enemy". The episode was directed by Julie Edwards and written by Barbara Machin. The events of this episode take place over five days spent with Robyn on the neonatal intensive care unit.


Robyn is feeling positive following the premature arrival of her daughter Charlotte. However, it seems she is failing to grasp the seriousness of her baby's illness. As the child's condition worsens throughout the week, Robyn struggles to decide whether to follow her head or her heart in authorising treatment. Eventually the surgeons perform a risky procedure to save Charlotte, resulting in her needing a temporary stoma.

Meanwhile, Cal tries to find a way to ease the passing of Miriam, an elderly woman with end-stage lung cancer, but trouble arises when Miriam's daughter Neeve registers a complaint against him for prolonging her mother's suffering. However, during the week Cal manages to help Neeve with her own life and grief, and Sam informs Cal that he needn't worry about the complaint due to her mental problems.

Charlie and Duffy offer Robyn a place to stay with them, whilst David remains on the psychiatric ward receiving treatment. Jez continues his fling with Louise.