Flat Over Crest was a houseboat owned by Dylan Keogh. Dylan lived in there with his dog, Dervla, and for a brief period, Zoe Hanna following her short departure in the summer of 2014. She moved out when she started getting more serious with Max though, and they purchased a flat together.

In August 2015 at Zoe and Max's wedding, Zoe asks Dylan to take her away from the wedding as Max is annoyed with her after she told him she cheated. After they leave from the other side of the lake, a fire starts over a the wedding gazebo after a fight occurs between Max and Louis. As they're driving the boat off, one of the drifting embers lands on some flammable material on the boat. Although Dylan attempts to extinguish the fire, it quickly spreads to a nearby gas canister on the deck. As him and Zoe attempt to jump overboard, Dylan remembers his lucky necklace, and goes back to retrieve it just as Zoe jumps in. The gas canister then explodes, followed seconds later by the rest of the boat with Dylan still inside. Although his boat was destroyed, Dylan managed to escape virtually unharmed, whereas Charlie swam out to save Zoe from drowning but later suffered a heart attack.

Following its destruction, Dylan purchased a new houseboat, Flat Over Crest II, and was living there as of July 2016.

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