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"For Your Own Good" is the 171st episode of Casualty and the 19th episode of the 10th series.


A Kurdish asylum seeker is being transported from a detention centre when he jumps out of a moving car. At the hospital, x-rays show evidence he was tortured. Jude tries to get him legal help but he is attacked by his guard while phoning a lawyer and threatens to jump off the roof. Jude nearly talks him down but, when the guard approaches him, he loses his balance and falls to his death. A teenage girl makes a fuss at home and causes her mother to fall off a ladder. The girl's father has Huntingdon's disease and she is worried he might have passed it on to her: She agrees to get tested. Elderly spinster twins Hope and Monica are approached by a middle-aged man, Ellis; Hope threatens him with a gun but Monica tackles her, causing Hope to be shot in the foot. Ellis is Monica's son: She was forced to give him up for adoption and was told he was dead, and despite Hope's wishes she gets to know him. Reeve-Jones is on the warpath and Laura accepts Ash's proposal. Baz tells Charlie she will tell Peter the truth when he gets back from his mother's. Tim resigns after Rachel reports him but then approaches her in the car park, acting as though they're a couple. Mike chases him off and tells Rachel he loves her; they kiss and leave together.

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