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"Forsaking All Others - Part One" is the 960th episode of Casualty and the 45th episode of the 29th series. It was preceded by "Knock Knock Who's There?" and followed by "Forsaking All Others - Part Two". This episode marks the last appearance of Tess Bateman, portrayed by Suzanne Packer, who joined the cast in 2003. She went on to make a guest appearance as the character just over a year later.

Also, the third series 29 special mini-episode, Mrs Walker-To-Be, was available to watch on BBC iPlayer and the Red Button as a follow up to this episode. It featured the stories of the night before the wedding for Zoe and Max.


Lily passes her exam to become a registrar but it brings along a new attitude. She seems to lose the nack of being a kind doctor and instead becomes mean towards her friends and even some patients. Ethan and Cal both seem to miss the mark on there exams.

Fredddie is brought in to the ED after he falls from a chair and knocks a jar of peanut butter on the floor when the man looking after him thinks he has had a peanut reaction he climbs in through the sky light to save him getting a nasty injury on the way in. Lily notices that the boy has fallen and not had an allergic reaction he is sent up to the PICU unit to be treated. The man suffers from a collapsed lung but Ethan manages to fix it.

A woman named Gemma is brought in by here father and Louise who is here next door neighbour after she tries to give herself nose surgury. When no one will listen to her pleas of not being crazy she runs out of the hospital. Her father, Jacob and Louise all find her next to the main road outside the hospital. The plead with her not to go but after she tells her father it's her fault her mother died she runs out being hit by a car. Louise can face her and Jacob is left to bring her in alone.

It is the day before Max and Zoe's wedding and Zoe seems to be more worried about Dylan who refuses to go to counselling. Zoe asks him to walk her down the aisle but when he sees Rita he leaves without giving her an answer. Lofty's stag do plan's go down the pan very quickly but big mac reminds him that Max just wants to go drinking. Instead of the quiet night in Tess had planned Zoe ends up on a wild Hen night.

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