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"Fun Night" is the 27th episode of Casualty and the 12th episode of the 2nd series. It was preceded by "Hooked" and followed by "Peace, Brother". The episode was directed by Alan Wareing and written by Al Hunter Ashton.


Ted and Megan take a picnic when they go to Cheltenham and although she enjoys the picnic, she doesn't like the place. Cyril bets he can get a date with Mary and finds himself in one of the most expensive hotels having breakfast. Mary tells Duffy later, she ordered everything, just to put him in his place but paid the bill. Two brothers end up in casualty, when they attack a local villain, who stabs them both but the youngest one dies later. The police are on hand to arrest him and the girlfriend, in fear of her life, tells them where the weapon can be found. Duffy's looking for Peter and tells Mary that her test for aids is clear and she's very relieved. Ewart meets Elizabeth's daughter and when he finds she's pregnant but not married, they have different views on what should happen and the evening ends disastrously. Susie regrets going to a seedy club with her friend, on her night off but her quick thinking saves the life of a young thug.

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