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"Gas" is the first episode of series 1 of Casualty. It was directed by Frank W. Smith and written by Jeremy Brock and Paul Unwin.


At East Docks, as several canisters of toxic gas are loaded onto a ship, the crane's ropes are seared by the leaking chemicals and give away, destroying the canisters and poisoning many people. As the casualties are brought into the emergency department, Kuba recognises the garlic-like scent of the gas from a past patient and — with the help of Susie — determines it to be parathion.

Meanwhile, Ewart is forced to justify the permanent night shift in the wake of reports of stolen hospital equipment making their way into the ED. However, the death of one of the casualties from the docks helps Ewart highlight for smaller departments such as his.

In the midst of the incident, Megan notices Clive struggling to deal with a hangover and sternly reprimands him for setting a poor example, warning that the department is "alive by the skin of its teeth". Later, Ewart is informed by Sergeant Brenner that Clive had been caught drink-driving the week prior.



  • In the episode, Charlie claims to be a Taurus, but it is established in future episodes that he was born in February.