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Georgy Poole (born 2004/2005) is a young girl who lives in Holby.


At some point, Georgy's mother was accidentally killed in a botched mugging. As a result of her death, her father Terry secluded Georgy and her sister from the outside world in an attempt to protect them.

On 25 May 2019, after Terry briefly went out, brothers Marc and Aidan Forster broke into his house to steal valuables. However, when they entered Georgy's room, she screamed in horror. Upon returning home, Terry rushed to Georgy's aid and attacked the two brothers, culminating in Aidan's leg being impaled by a rake.

Despite Terry's reluctance, he, Georgy and the burglars were taken to Holby City Hospital's emergency department for treatment. When Georgy's test results showed that she was seriously anaemic, Terry claimed that he had not registered her with a GP since moving to Holby.

Later, Terry told consultant Elle Gardner that he did not want the police involved as he was afraid of being seen as the guilty party and being taken away from Georgy. Elle informed him that his daughter's language skills were "virtually non-existent" and that she had serious problems with her vision, and he eventually agreed to allow her to stay in the department.

That afternoon, after discovering that Terry had taken Georgy home, Elle followed him and urged him to allow her to receive treatment, but he refused to let her go. As the police and ambulance sirens grew louder, a sobbing Terry begged her to leave him and his daughters alone, but she went upstairs regardless and saw to Georgy and her sister. Once the police and ambulance service arrived, they were taken into care. (CAS: Episode 1128)