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"Give My Love to Esme" is the 201st episode of Casualty and the 1st episode of the 12th series. It was 75 minutes long compared to regular episodes with a length of 50 minutes.


The staff receive news Matt and Jude have married. Jack is now engaged to Jayne but overreacts when new nurse Tina Seabrook makes an unfortunate comment about a man who deliberately fell off a ladder to get into hospital, having been told he would have to wait years for an appointment for his arthritis. Josh and Liz try to get Ian and Esme, a couple who are having a baby to the hospital, but end up having to deliver the baby in the back of an ambulance. Ian goes to see his parents but is offended by his mother, who feels the fact he and Esme are unmarried reflects badly on his father, a vicar. Young black couple Jason and Lou are arguing about her desire to join the police, who Jason sees as institutionally racist. After they part ways, Jason sees someone park a van in the car park at a shopping centre. A bomb in the van goes off, causing many casualties. Charlie worries about Baz, who was shopping on her day off, and is relieved when Penny tells him she was at the scene helping with the wounded. An elderly man removes glass imbedded in his wife's stomach and she dies of internal bleeding. Lou seems to have minor injuries but in hospital a scan shows she has a bleed on the brain which leaves her in a coma; Jason tells the police what he saw. Ian has been left trapped in rubble and when a second bomb is discovered Baz and Josh amputate his foot to get him out.

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