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"Deceptions" is the 115th episode of Casualty and the eleventh episode of the 8th series.

Plot Edit

Mike Howlett is trying to close down a cult he used to be a member of and takes the father of one of the newest members, Emma, to see how malnourished she is. Things go wrong when Emma's father tries to snatch her and she ends up being dragged along under their car. At the hospital, Tom convinces her to have treatment but when the group's leader, Abraham, reveals her friend Jennifer is a plant working for Mike she leaves with him. Charlie turns away a homeless woman wanting a bed for the night and she later comes back in beaten up. Ash treats an elderly vagrant whose foot has become fused with his sock through a lack of airing. A retired man deliberately eats nuts, which he is allergic to, to get attention. Duffy is pregnant and is planning to give up work but is unable to tell Charlie.

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